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Tribute to My Feline Soulmate Oreo

Oreo and I had a special bond as if we had been together in other lifetimes and agreed to meet again.

We met at a veterinarian’s office when my family and I went looking for a kitten to replace my daughter Sarah’s cat who died a month or so earlier. 671 more words



Adopt a more positive mindset. Accept that no one, including you, is perfect or completely secure. Stop holding yourself to higher standards than others. Never allow others to make you feel inferior — they can only do so if you let them.


Migraine my management

Migraines, they are a pain in the arse. They are, for most who suffer them, a great way to suddenly have war declared on bits and pieces of your neck and head. 780 more words

Short Stories

A little bit of Glastonbury to cure what ails you...

Last Saturday (Gosh! this week is going fast) I went with a group of others for a day trip to Glastonbury. One of my favourite places to go. 190 more words


So as some of you know if you have read my blog you may have seen depression has touched my life a few times during my twenties. 824 more words

Reiki: A Massage for the Soul

Invented by 19th century Buddhist, Mikao Usui, the term Reiki derives from two Japanese words, Rei being the higher intelligence that guides us and Ki  600 more words


The call for peace must be shouted.

Pope Francis, in a recent interview, noted that we were living in a time of many wars, and that “the call for peace must be shouted.” The Pope added that “Peace sometimes gives the impression of being quiet, but peace is never quiet, peace is always proactive.” 266 more words