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Guidance for the Journey

“The journey through life is a series of starts and stops, U-turns and wrong turns, ups and downs, unobstructed paths and no entry areas, straight and obvious routes and winding and precarious backstreets, unpredictable events and constant rhythms.

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Energy Guidance Complete

The past is presently occurring part 1

May 13, 1982
Dear diary,
It’s Sunday night and there’s one thing on my mind. The death of tomorrow. I haven’t really felt what’s about to happen but I know it’s necessary. 352 more words

Short Story

To Dust And Back Again

I think it’s pretty safe to say I have an old soul.  I have very old fashioned values and ideas.  I’m fairly wise, especially for someone of such a young age.  263 more words


Today Feels Like the Last Day of My Life

Last night I got the distinct feeling that I was coming upon the last day of my life.

Not that I think I’m going to physically die or anything. 297 more words


Karma and the Steiner Waldorf teacher

Mark Hayes of the Steiner’s Mirror blog has asked me a question: ““What role and purpose, if any, does karma have in Steiner education?”

I think it’s fair to say that Mark’s blog is not friendly towards Steiner schools and his question has a hostile intent behind it. 1,452 more words


What if our patron deity is really our spirit guide through and between multiple lives?

Yes, this is a bit “New Agey,” and may turn off some pagans (and non pagans as well). Also I’m not 100% convinced of reincarnation (or anything spiritual for that matter), but for now I’m going with it. 241 more words