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TVDS3: Sampson & Delilah

St. Louis, MO
July, 1940

Sam inhaled the mid-summers night in all its glory. A cool and gentle breeze whispered through the tall grass of the field, which crickets chirped their favorite tune. 503 more words

Belly Dance - Shalimar Ali

Ghosts, reincarnation, and regression

I have to admit, the whole issue of the supernatural, ghosts and things, is an issue I dont have any terribly strong opinions on, either way. 467 more words


Another Idea!

I find I have this abundance of ideas… BUT…  if I don’t act on them right away, they start to ebb away on me!!

I got this other great idea that would be a fantastic fantasy type novel with ghosts and reincarnation and revival of the dead!  226 more words

The Divine Hospital

Near the end of the Santo Daime Self Transformation Workshop the leader said, “In the Divine Hospital it isn’t always easy to tell who are the doctors and who are the patients.” … 1,973 more words


Reincarnation - Beginning and ending  

It is a wrong conception when theosophists believe that reincarnation had no beginning and will have no ending. Reincarnation started in the Lemurian Age and will cease again at the beginning of the sixth Root Race or Age… 59 more words


Finding God (revised)

What separates human beings from other species is that we are able to reason. It is said that the world operates by the principle of cause and effect; every action has a reaction. 226 more words