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Co-pilot for Donkey Kong (Mark II)

In previous post, Co-pilot for Donkey Kong, I built a ‘co-pilot’ robot for my putrid pal Arkwood, to help him gain a high score in retro computer game Donkey Kong. 1,823 more words


Co-pilot for Donkey Kong

Arkwood, my seedy Belgian friend, wants to get the highest ever score in retro computer game Donkey Kong. ‘Please help me,’ he pleaded, ‘Just think of the fame and fortune, and all the pretty girls, if I am king of Kong!’ He was of course referring to the astonishing… 1,124 more words


Using PyBrain in computer games

Not so long ago, Arkwood asked me for some help in playing the retro Commodore 64 computer game, Commando. I dutifully obliged, creating a robot co-pilot… 1,593 more words