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How to Engage Gen X and Gen Y through Development

“Although they are better educated, more techno-savvy, and quicker to adapt than those who have come before them, they refuse to blindly conform to traditional standards and time-honored institutions.

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The Journey Of Discovery: The Beginning

“The time to begin most things was 10 years ago.” wrote acerbic American journalist Mignon McLaughlin. Its an easy sentiment to understand, though, when one is surrounded by billboards, TV screens and other media portraying other young, idealistic people just setting out on their life’s journey – it makes things somewhat more complicated to relate to McLaughlin’s words. 238 more words


The fifty life passion project

Hello. I am turning fifty in six months.

I have been living in South America for 3 years and have just returned to Australia.

When I turn fifty I want to accomplish this: 49 more words


Lorene Grassick: A Life in the Hills with Load-Lugging Llamas

If you are lucky enough to go hiking through the Sierra Nevadas one summer and happen upon a woman in her late 70s leading some llamas and some equally lucky tourists, you’ve probably come face to face with Lorene Grassick. 918 more words

The Stories

Lets DTB (Define The Blog) Part 1

I first started this blog in September (first post is linked here) When I first started writing, I wasn’t sure if I’d get any followers, I didn’t know what exactly I’d write about, and I didn’t know what I wanted to get out of this experience. 581 more words


TIP #1: Reading Your Yearbooks

Hello readers,

If you find that you are stuck and aren’t quite sure who you are anymore, and life’s issues have distracted you for so long that you haven’t been paying attention to what exactly has changed inside of you, go through your old yearbooks. 186 more words