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September 2014 Astro-Insights


Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for September 2014…

Get ready for a month of reviews, reforms and changes as work, family life or power structures begin to shift, and certain rules and laws finally get reappraised. 1,946 more words


School is in session and what is a Mom to do?

The first week of school is almost over and that old feeling of “what do I do now?” is back.  My son is in 7th grade and his first week is going very well.   123 more words


Parenthood: Surrender and Reinvention

After Eloise fell asleep last night, I started this post about surrendering to our children. Appropriately, she woke up again before I had time to write anything other than the following quotes about new parenthood: 329 more words


Blogging for ???

My husband asked me why I needed a blog to learn to coding. He’s been a computer programmer for 12+ years (10 in video games and now 2+ in some sort of networking). 249 more words


Reinvention and Getting Started

For a few years now I’ve told my husband that I wanted to make a change in my career and professional life. In 2012 I started taking various courses to expand my career options and to explore new career areas. 385 more words


Not a Victim

I just saw a group on Facebook called “Victims of…..” I won’t bother to finish it because they had me at victim. I choose to be a victor, a survivor. 474 more words


Threat Assessment Gone (Very, Very) Wrong

So, we are filling our oceans with plastic:

I have just returned with a team of scientists from six weeks at sea conducting research in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — one of five major garbage patches drifting in the oceans north and south of the Equator at the latitude of our great terrestrial deserts.

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