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getting there; half the fun

Nope; you were not invited. Well, you were, but in your advanced mental design decided it a faux pas and rejected the invitation. So now, those that did accept that, how you say, nonsensical, have achieved something that you the astute reader (if any) will never acquire. 38 more words

The Agony of Rejection


When people think of being rejection, they often think of being shut down by their crush or some hot guy across the bar. Rejection can happen when going for a job, missing out on an invite or when apply for Harvard. 329 more words

The mystery is finally solved...

EXTRA, EXTRA! Here is the answer that many of you have been waiting for *drumroll please*… haha imagine how annoying that would be if you had to announce something that way. 551 more words


Player two press start... Player two PRESS START!

Sad but true, my heart is in the blue!

Yes, he still hasn’t answered, it’s been two days and now I getting the huge neon sign hinting that he was just not that into me and was being polite and that’s all. 555 more words


Rejected on the Reg

I get rejected on a daily basis.

No joke.


For the past six months, I have been rejected from well over a hundred jobs.  Whether it is through email, phone call, pre-interview, post-interview(s), within days or months or through the dreaded silence of no response — I am rejected. 126 more words


Va. Senate panel rejects adoption by unmarried gay couples

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A Virginia Senate committee has rejected a proposal to provide adoption rights to unmarried gay couples.

Thanks to a series of federal court decisions last year, same-sex couples now have the right to marry in Virginia. 105 more words