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Rejection E-mails: the New Break Up Text

For every job I apply for, I either get silence or a rejection in return. It’s exhausting to apply for jobs. Not only am I spending time answering the same questions over and over again but once I finally hit that complete button, I have no sense of accomplishment. 276 more words

Every Writer Wants to Give Up at Some Point

The world of writing can be a lonely one. Even for those of us who are able to reach a few or even masses. They don’t see what’s behind the scenes, including the struggles. 414 more words


Tuesday's Tickle: Wonder

These giggles cause us to pause seriously to seek out our wonder at the little things that bring deep joy!

“Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.” Mark 10:15… 87 more words

Tuesday's Tickle

Trouble Getting that Insurance Claim Paid?

When the phone rang with the news, Kevin and I were sitting on our back porch eating dinner. Three hundred miles away, our son had gone up for a header in a college soccer game. 1,021 more words

Would Emily Dickinson Have blogged?

Would Emily Dickinson have blogged? I thought quite deeply on this question today and came to no meaningful conclusion. It seemed like it would be the ideal thing for someone of her temperament, but would she have done so, if given the opportunity? 311 more words

Recent Rejection

I’ve received my twelf, twelv.. (this blog is off to a great start) TWELFTH rejection letter yesterday from Keyhole Literary Magazine. Although I have to admit I saw it coming. 359 more words

iStockphoto.com Rejection Letter

I heard back from istockphoto.com…obviously ;)

At first the rejection was a little hard; I’ll be honest. I had passionately put myself out there–and wouldn’t it be amazing if my “first” swarthy life affirming action to live in the moment and jump to grab at chances fruited in the form of becoming an istockphoto photographer? 195 more words