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Recent Rejection

I’ve received my twelf, twelv.. (this blog is off to a great start) TWELFTH rejection letter yesterday from Keyhole Literary Magazine. Although I have to admit I saw it coming. 359 more words

iStockphoto.com Rejection Letter

I heard back from istockphoto.com…obviously ;)

At first the rejection was a little hard; I’ll be honest. I had passionately put myself out there–and wouldn’t it be amazing if my “first” swarthy life affirming action to live in the moment and jump to grab at chances fruited in the form of becoming an istockphoto photographer? 195 more words

Plan B

96 days ago I had meltdown. (I seem to have a lot of meltdowns these days so I feel the need to be specific.) I was sitting in a cabin in the Poconos with my boyfriend-at-the-time, and despite there being a fireplace, and wine, and snow (back when snow was still fun and not the pestilence of biblical proportions it has since become), I was freaking out. 1,084 more words


The End of the Beginning

Where to begin? Mom lost her job, rejection letter from my dream law school, or my vocal coach moved to a nursing home?

I met my vocal coach nine years ago.  276 more words


I spent the better part of last semester pulling my hair out over grad school applications. I spent countless hours with my head bent over teeny scraps of paper, paper that had once been 8 pages of my writing sample but had been subjected to the old-school cut-and-paste method. 267 more words

Rejection — The Jobs, Plath & Stein connection

So what do Steve Jobs, Sylvia Plath and Gertrude Stein have in common?


Steve Jobs
JBond 007 rejected Steve Jobs’ offer to appear in an Ad. 69 more words

On writing: submitting another short story

I recently found out that Cemetery Dance Publications, one of my favorite publishers of dark fiction and horror, is accepting submissions for one remaining slot in their upcoming publication, October Dreams 2, an anthology of Halloween-themed short stories. 145 more words