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A Question of Etiquette

So, right now I’m feeling a tad bit confused and maybe a little stuck. I’ve been submitting short stories to a variety of venues in the SF world. 148 more words

The Business

Doctor -- Chapter 2

The summer before, I had been living in my hometown. One of my best friends was living there as well as all of the people that I knew in town. 759 more words



By Jay Duret

Every so often these pages feature advice and words of encouragement for writers. This is my contribution.

I will change the identifiers so as not to cause embarrassment, but this story is… 885 more words


Restraining Rejection Letter

Randy: “I GOT HIM!”

Demon: “Get off me you son of a bitch!”

Randy: “I even hog tied the bastard with Angel’s special rope.”

RB: “Good.” RB walks into the room and shuts the door. 202 more words

R B Holbrook

The Extreme Response

RB: “Where is that Demon bastard?!?”

Randy: “Yes, let’s hang him!”

Angel: “He’s gone. Please calm down, RB. You should never act out of anger. Nothing good comes out of it.” 204 more words

R B Holbrook

The Best Rejection Letter I've Received, Thus Far

I think that by now, everyone knows that when it comes to being a young writer, one of the hardest parts is submitting a piece to be accepted by a publishing house, or an anthology, or even a magazine. 1,095 more words


My Deep Space Nine: Epic Fail

Way back in 1994, I was hard at work on a script for “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”. I was highly in love with Star Trek in general and DS9 was solid in my mind. 802 more words

Star Trek Editorials