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The Day I Met Batman.

Our first afternoon on our mission trip in Rio de Janeiro, our team passed out food to nearby homeless men and women. The “gringos” in town definitely caught the attention of people who hadn’t noticed the church on their street in a while. 936 more words

My Stories


My rejection turned out better than I expected. He was very nice about it and backed down gracefully. Something about the action of rejecting someone makes you feel powerful and confident. 902 more words

Dealing With Job Rejections

One thing that becomes a test of every graduate’s resolve is dealing with receiving job rejections. No matter whether they come through on a daily basis or just occasionally for that job you’d become really attached to, it can be difficult to stop yourself feeling gutted at the very least. 569 more words

The Write Stuff

As I contemplate another short story rejection (oh woe is me!) I was prompted to put pen to pap…er, fingers to keys, in order to jot down what I think are the qualities a writer needs. 1,628 more words

Regarding Writing


I am a nice person. Truly I am. I am a loyal and loving friend. I always come to the defense of the underdog. I hate abuse of any kind. 919 more words


I am so weary.  Of searching for answers, for hope, for healing.  For a job.  For lost dreams.  For new dreams…trying to convince myself a dream or two remains.  1,029 more words

The Rejection Letter and Start to a New School Year

I’ve waited awhile before publishing this post. Waiting seems to be the standard advice on the Internet if one Google’s “rejected journal manuscript”…wait a few days and then consider the feedback and keep working on the document. 528 more words