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Rejections: Keep 'Em Coming!

Last night I opened my email to find that “Melanie”, the short story I submitted last week, had been rejected by Nightmare Magazine.

And I’m totally okay with that. 280 more words


Company 2

I applied here last year, this post has all of what I had to say last year and I’m hoping that this time is different. Heck, I hope that I’ll make it as far as I did last year because I’ve applied nearly two weeks later than I did last time. 358 more words

Getting From Dream Land To Reality - 6!

21/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

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One of the key things you must bear in mind is that just as much as you have a great idea or product, not everyone you meet will buy into it initially. 332 more words


5 Steps to start loving yourself

Work on your relationship with God

Getting to know Christ and learning who he is is very important in overcoming low self esteem. When you realize that you are so valuable, that Christ died for your sins, it starts to change your view of yourself. 762 more words

Self Esteem


I wonder if anyone would believe me if I said I was cursed. The way things happen to me do not happen like they happen to normal people. 365 more words


Rejection Hurts But It Helps Me Grow

People not liking me can be difficult to bear. At first it feels like a really traumatic thing and I feel sorry for myself. After a while, I get really angry about it. 374 more words


Random thought

When I feel like I’ll never be a real writer I remind myself that I write to make me happy. You reading what I write is just a bonus.

— Joe Hinojosa (@joehino76) October 21, 2014