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We've been invited in.

Have you ever had the door closed in your face and felt the sting of isolation? Ever been the only one not invited to the party?   1,339 more words

April Submission Blitz – Misfortune

The only thing worse than a nasty rejection is an immediate response to an e-mail telling me a venue is no longer open to submissions when all other evidence says otherwise. 175 more words


- haiku # 70 -

No April lovin’…

A flower you did not choose

will still find its bloom.

D.J. Whisenant



She was green.
Green like moss, emerald, pine needles,
a step into a darkened forest with pure brown eyes
opening up like caves in the walls, taking me in, 127 more words


Letter 2:

Dear Stephen Chbosky,

You famously wrote, “We accept the love we think we deserve” and to be honest I never really understood it. Why would I love someone who loved me less than I deserved? 252 more words

Secrets Whistler CR70 LaserRadar Detector with Real Voice Alerts

There is also a Filter mode that can easily distinguish a signal that is coming from either a legitimate police officer as well as a fake police officer with the Whistle feature. 288 more words


I'm going to keep reaching out

Even though I face rejection on all sides.

Cutting myself off from people would save me the hurt. But it would deprive me of human warmth, affirmation. 127 more words