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The Love of Christmas

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  It’s always made me happy and given me a reason to give gifts to everyone I know just because I can.   785 more words

My Journey

The Masks That Hide Me

It’s so interesting how different events work together to push us toward something that we’ve perhaps been running from.

Several things have happened today that have made me really realize that I need to finish writing a book I’ve been working on. 508 more words


Learn To Reject The Quick and Easy

In this era where everything we need is given to us right in the mouth, human beings have grown accustomed to be interested in only the things that “yield” and show fast “results”. 946 more words


Say Welcome to 'No': A Strategy for Going After Our Ultimate Success

The time has come for us to go after many more opportunities, ask more questions, and take more risks, while welcoming the many instances that we will hear the word ‘no’.

363 more words
Positive Attitude


Today I am having one of those days where I cannot stay positive. I am not feeling the best, financial troubles are getting me down, I feel worn down (mentally and physically), and the thought of working nonstop and then going back to school makes me want to smash my head against a wall. 233 more words


The pain of rejection is something sharp. It pierced me, and it stung in the worst way. It’s almost as if it were venomous, poisoning my veins with doubt and sadness. 139 more words

How to Deal with College Rejection Letters 101

Mr. Bala, if you ever see this, this blog post is dedicated to you! (Sending you thoughts of agrimonies)

Thinking back to just about a little more than three years ago when I began school at Cushing, I remember so dearly Mr. 833 more words