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Squivel Update: Which way in?

It was a long street, lined with brightly lit houses on either side. Dusk was falling and a cold wind was blowing from the north. Though the curtains were drawn and the windows shut, he heard the sound of music and laughter at every house he passed. 429 more words


A Romantic Hit-and-Run

So I’m at a bar on the Lower East side a few weeks ago with some friends from work. I’ve let my alter ego take over: she’s a girl that’s far more social, flirtatious and risky than myself and she only appears when I’m drunk. 1,570 more words


Mustering the Courage

Being courageous is largely subjective – meaning what takes courage for some is old hat to another. For someone as fearful as I, courage is always in tall order. 258 more words

36 Things I've Learned About Literary Agents

In the long and arduous search for an agent, I’ve looked all over the place, and I’ve learned quite a few things about these people. Allow me to share some knowledge. 757 more words


I’d applied for an internship to a company for the summer, and I knew that there was no chance that I’d be selected. For one, they wanted students who will have finished their junior year before the internship. 85 more words

I'm Not Yet Dead!

I’m feeling a little better. ^_^ And I’m writing again! WHOOP!


You've Been Rejected. Deal With It.

On the heels of the stalking series we thought we should check in with ya’ll to make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to rejection.  572 more words