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The Creativity of Desperation

Loki: How desperate are you, that you call on such lost creatures to defend you?
Nick Fury: How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war.

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An update on forthcoming stories

Now that I’ve been seriously writing and submitting short fiction for a few years, I’m getting a handle on the pattern:

You go months without a sale, and despair. 190 more words

Hookup navigation

I hung out with L last night. He lives with his parents in a West Side townhouse near the Hudson River. The townhouses cover a few square blocks going right up to West Street. 271 more words


How i am feeling

I feel rejected. As if I’m back in that dark space, falling and bumping into the occasional wall. I feel bruised, my heart torn apart. I don’t know if this is self sabotage or bottled up emotions. 31 more words

The Player And The Played

I’d never really noticed you. Not as anything more than a friend. Not until it was nearly too late.

‘I like someone and I don’t want my ex to fuck it up,’ you’d said. 366 more words


Rejection is awesome. Here's why.

Today I got such a nice rejection letter from a literary journal that it made my day.

I know. If anyone had told me when I was starting out that a rejection letter would make my day someday, my eyes would have rolled so hard that they would have come loose. 491 more words



I guess maybe I’m doomed
There’s not going to be wedding bells ringing
No church to walk down its aisle
No wedded bliss
No honeymoon in Paris… 205 more words