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The curse of Sisyphus

Somebody posted a pic of you taken today. You look so good in that pic… That smile… I am in love all over again. 221 more words


On the outer limits


It was a century of forgetfulness.
It was an age when man’s shadow
Had discarded the metal androids of his ego… 142 more words

Post 2

One of my articles was roundly rejected from a peer-reviewed journal this week. I submitted it over three months ago. One of the reader’s reports, “in the interest of time,” was done orally, over the phone, so the editor just summarized to me the reasons that that anonymous reader didn’t like the article.  205 more words


Rejected Is Not Dejected

Rejection does not lead to dejection.

Or at least it shouldn’t.

It doesn’t for me.

Yes, this does mean that something of mine was rejected. That’s an awfully harsh sounding word, isn’t it? 188 more words

Writing Log

juicy peaches

The worst part of being sick—besides the whole throwing up (sorry for the visual!), achy all over, I’msofreakingtiredandmyheadisonfire kind of thing—is that you have extra time on your hands. 490 more words


GatorGab: The truth about my heart...

Sometimes, I sit here and think of myself as so independent.

I don’t need anyone else.

I’m fine.

I can handle anything on my own. 244 more words


Rebounding Trials and Tribulations

Mr. C beat me to the punch and ended things, I’m experiencing feelings of great loss because of what I thought we could be but I’m not shocked. 387 more words