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Litte Stronger Forever [05]

The following rejection is from Jaguar Land Rover, which is a fantastic company as well. It has different graduate schemes for students to apply for. However, since I got rejection after I submitted the application, I had no idea what would happen after the step. 265 more words


How to Win through Losing

We all know that writers accept as a fact of life the form rejections with which we paper our walls because we can’t afford insulation, and which we collect by the hundreds while waiting for that Big Break. 432 more words

Litte Stronger Forever [04]

I think today I can share the experience in applying for the FDM Group. I think a lot of people know that FDM has various programmes for students who want to study IT or related schemes. 310 more words


Backyard Musings

Creatively, it’s been a rough month. Literary rejections and a house full of visiting kids are the two biggest factors. Both of these can provide inspiration, but dished out simultaneously over the course of the past few weeks, my soul was beginning to wilt. 198 more words


Rejection is a right of path for every writer

Nearly every book that you have read has undoubtly been rejected by publishers. For most aspiring authors it is an amazing achievment when we have finished our work in progress (WIP) that is now a complete written and edited manuscript. 171 more words


On persistence, or, another submissions stock-take

Being back early from our hols due to N spraining his ankle, I found I had a day ‘in hand’ and was strangely at a loss. 910 more words


Little Stronger Forever[03]

This time is ASOS, the most popular on-line store all over the world. Just few years it was just a normal on-line store and I had never heard about this. 244 more words