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The Trajectory of an Essay: Perseverance into Success

Everybody loves a happy ending. Especially when there’s been some hardship or challenge occurring prior. For isn’t that often the recipe for a good story? Overcoming the odds to achieve¬†success? 970 more words


How to blow some steam off

Ever since I said to myself “you’re about to finish the draft, Chris” the process has slowed to a near stop. Well, not really to a stop but words come to me a lot harder and I fail to meet my daily writing quota. 730 more words


God is a Writer and a Disc Jockey?

Another rejection! But the editor seemed so genuinely interested at the conference. I was sure this would finally be a start to getting published. I tossed the letter on my growing pile and headed out for a walk. 653 more words


Rejection #7: First of Round Three

I’ve started my agent search once again–my third attempt after yet another major re-write. I spent my time at the coffee shop last week in sending out query after query, and early this morning, at 3:42 am, I was roused from my slumber by the annoying, tinny alert on my phone indicating that I got an e-mail. 177 more words


Musings or complaints?

I got two job rejections yesterday. That shouldn’t be so surprising to me nowadays but it still makes me really upset. One was because I can’t do group interviews. 905 more words


Random Friday

This piece was submitted to an anthology of rejections and it was, well, rejected (with a very nice rejection letter). I thought I’d share the story with you anyway – just to fill in a random Friday! 1,120 more words


Dealing with Literary Rejections: Six Viewpoints

I was asked yesterday ‘how’s the writing going?’ which is always an interesting one to answer. First you have to gauge if it’s a genuine enquiry, or a generic ‘how’s things?’ A non-writer friend probably doesn’t want to hear¬†a long moan about rejections. 470 more words

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