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Little Stronger Forever [07]

After the Mars I feel very frustrated because I prepared for the company for quite a long time for each answer. At that time I was not as mature as now so I did not apply jobs for a long time. 397 more words


Little Stronger Forever [06]

Today is Mars, which has a long application form to fill and various competency questions to answer. It was very interesting because the company is still a family company and the working environment must be very attractive. 204 more words


Can lying be good for you ?

If ever I told you lying was good for you, you probably wont believe me. But trust me it is true. There are two truths about lying. 528 more words


Pearls Before Swine

Years ago, I applied to Rivoli, a four-star restaurant in Albany, California.  Of course, I had delivered my résumé to several restaurants, but I was very interested in this job, as I had eaten there several times, and it was genuinely deserving of its reputation as one of the finest Mediterranean restaurants in the East Bay. 598 more words


Published again!!!

So many things happened in the past week and all of them great!

I have good news my friends; I’m going to be published again. Voluted tales, a literary magazine, has honoured me by accepting a short story of mine and it’s scheduled for publication before the end of the year. 713 more words

Writing Wins and Woes: The Long Road to Rejection

Yes, I have faced rejection again this week. This time from Strange Horizons. I was expecting it but it still didn’t sit right with me. My story, I think, was a good one, and it didn’t deserve rejection. 215 more words

Litte Stronger Forever [05]

The following rejection is from Jaguar Land Rover, which is a fantastic company as well. It has different graduate schemes for students to apply for. However, since I got rejection after I submitted the application, I had no idea what would happen after the step. 265 more words