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Musings or complaints?

I got two job rejections yesterday. That shouldn’t be so surprising to me nowadays but it still makes me really upset. One was because I can’t do group interviews. 905 more words


Random Friday

This piece was submitted to an anthology of rejections and it was, well, rejected (with a very nice rejection letter). I thought I’d share the story with you anyway – just to fill in a random Friday! 1,120 more words


Dealing with Literary Rejections: Six Viewpoints

I was asked yesterday ‘how’s the writing going?’ which is always an interesting one to answer. First you have to gauge if it’s a genuine enquiry, or a generic ‘how’s things?’ A non-writer friend probably doesn’t want to hear a long moan about rejections. 470 more words

Mags & Blogs

The Way Things Worked Back Then

I wrote this heavy tale about 4 months ago. Sent it around to some lit maggy-type places. It got a lot of rejections. I think there are some patches of good writing in there, though :) 1,661 more words

Flash Fiction

I always wonder, especially when I’m editing/rewriting my work, how I know whether or not it’s good enough. I mean, I know it’s not at the level of my favourite authors, but I find it reads pleasantly enough. 137 more words


Circle Of Opportunities

          I’m going to be honest when I say this, and that is, once you set foot out from high school, your circle of opportunities shrinks, temporarily. 264 more words


If I Were Virgil Suárez

My poet friends used to joke that if you wanted to get your poetry published, all you had to do was put Cuban-American poet Virgil Suárez’s name on your submission.   573 more words