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I hate to feel rejected. Well, I guess everybody does. Not that much when I feel rejected by anyone that doesn’t really matter to me, but that will be hurting me so much when it happened by people I love. 105 more words


Kill the Negative Thoughts!

Once again, I holed myself up for two weeks to meet a deadline. The Shining came to mind but didn’t stay—horror films terrify me. I promptly checked myself into civilization until the cabin fever left. 229 more words


Pep Talk for Aspiring Authors by Brandon Sanderson.

A friend sent me some encouragement to get through the stage where I am sending my book to agents and have yet to get a response other than ‘No thanks.’ I thought I would share it for anyone in the same boat as me.



"Unfortunately"... Your New Magic Word

Today, I received news that one of my short stories didn’t get accepted into their literary magazine. Last week, I received a form-letter rejection from a literary agent I submitted to two weeks ago, and I received another rejection letter the same day I sent my submission to another agency (that’s a record). 693 more words


The Full(ish) Story

So I think I have only touched on why I am on a gap year very, very briefly in my first post many moons ago, and I feel like I want to explain what happened just a little further, now that I can look back and think, in a very weird kind of way,  1,416 more words

A Rejection and a Non-Rejection Rejection

Recently, I received a rejection email from a writer’s development program that I forgot I’d applied to. This happens periodically where I apply to something and immediately forget it, only to be reminded of it many many months later by a rejection notice. 291 more words


one of the best predictors of success ... - Daniel H. Pink quote

One of the best predictors of ultimate success … isn’t natural talent or even industry expertise, but how you explain your failures and rejections.

–Daniel H. Pink quote