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Basic ratios on Transient waves

Time to dust off the micro account.

Combined with the likely wave type to follow, I think there’s a window of edge that is trade-able. 34 more words


Wave Counts

I liked the trend spotting thread; Good, short, simple, and thought provoking.


My immediate idea was to apply to waves rather than just bars. However, I didn’t quite like the idea that the numbers jumped from say 4 to 19 depending on how many more prices the new high or low broke. 157 more words



Saya sering apes setiap kali naik KRL (Kereta Rel Listrik) dari Tanah Abang ke Palmerah. Saat berdiri di dekat pintu untuk melihat pemandangan di luar, sering saya tidak sengaja melihat orang yang sedang berak di bantaran rel Stasiun Tanah Abang. 441 more words

My Journey

B2i on states

My first attempt at combining the states and the rectangles from iDoubleStoch.

-Split hourly data into 2 states: flat and moving
-Block them up into “days” 123 more words


States and Eurusdd

I’ve been reading some of Eurusdd’s posts over at FF, as he’s quite impressive in my opinion. I’m drawn to people who show parts of systems or ideas of systems with some sort of “proof”, but never the whole thing. 184 more words


KA Trans-Sulawesi Dimulai: Pembebasan Lahan Menjadi Tugas Pemerintah Daerah

BARRU, KOMPAS – Setelah 150 tahun jalur kereta api pertama di Tanah Air dibangun, jalur serupa mulai dibangun pemerintah untuk Sulawesi, Selasa (12/8). Kereta api lintas Makassar-Parepare di Sulawesi Selatan sejauh 146 kilometer menjadi tahap pertama dari proyek besar KA Trans-Sulawesi. 124 more words

Berita Logistik Terkini

Attempt at states

I’ve been updating a paper to-do list which I think is helpful to give me a better, more clear direction on what to do next. Traditionally I’ve just asked questions about the market in general, and come back with a statistic that answers that question (what’s the average wick size?) What I’m trying to do now is to break the market down into a “complete” structure, by asking questions and receiving at the end not a statistic, but more data. 484 more words