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Single frame tests (recurrency project)

Things get easier the second time around :)

Days worth of work condensed into minutes. Time allowing I’ll have the rest of it done before the weekend; I’ve coded it to do the simple analysis for me so I’m interested to see what it turns up.. 56 more words


Draft #1

Got enough time to throw this together. I don’t know how it’ll turn out but I think this is the best I can do for now. 304 more words


The Science of Volume

It is difficult to take care of people when they are unable to tell you what is wrong. It is easy to wish they were different, or they were fixed. 342 more words


Progress on Metadata and TCDs

SO difficult!

When I find myself studying metadata and the resulting TCDs, I find myself struggling with a lot of philosophical, chicken-and-egg, and catch-22 type of issues. 727 more words


Optimized h values pt 2

Taking a page out of the forge =p

Something that I think may be something to keep in mind is that when it seems like there are a LOT of possible ways to improve on something, or things to explore, etc, often times it means a filter of some sort is required. 332 more words


Complete Wave sequences pt 2

My original goal was to improve my stats, and in that sense I succeeded. However my other attempt which I thought was actually more in depth failed, while this one worked. 286 more words


Complete wave sequences

Not completely complete in the sense that I haven’t accounted for other elements, but in the purest form, yes.

No specifications about where price will be, only that the next fully trending move will be in the same direction as the one previous to it with about 60/40 odds. Solid base line I think..