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Pip lengths of H1 bars based on D1 ranges

Some times I just have a lot to say and other days I don’t. I only had 3 ideas between the end of December until March and this post makes 7 for April alone. 243 more words


Wick lengths by day

I’m working on looking at some Stealth Trader for now and will be for the next couple of weeks, but I was reading the forums this morning and someone said something that made me think of this so I went ahead and did it. 96 more words


Its all about the system.

This took me about 40 years to figure out: It’s all about the systems you create – every relationship whether at work, with a friend, with a pet or with your spouse, you create a system and the success depends on the orientation of the guidelines that you – consciously or unconsciously – agree to. 536 more words

Basic Ratios

From my talks with Rel, I know these ratios show ratios that aren’t really tradeable because of my lack of taking other things into account, but I think it’s still slightly useful for knowledge’s sake. 138 more words


Medcezir Ada-Özge Gürel Kimdir?

Star TV nin fenomen dizisi Medcezir e yeni bir isim dahil oluyor. Asıl Şekip in sonradan ortaya çıkan kızı Ada rolünü Özge Gürel canlandıracak. Başrollerini Çağatay Ulusoy ve Serenay Sarıkaya nın oynadığı dizide inanılmaz olayların ardı sıra kesilmiyor. 136 more words

Thinking Edison

Quite possibly a very long and dense post.

Question: Why have I been getting the results I’ve been getting?

The meta-answer here I feel is that with each answer to this question comes backed behind it a new direction to look at. 959 more words


Quick bit on weekly waves, and additional statistic on intraday waves

I can’t recall how many times I’ve done this. I’m actually pretty okay with these results currently. I have a new direction (possibly) to be going in soon which will put these statistics in the back of my head but the actual waves on the back burner… There’s been an interesting.. 99 more words