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Complete Wave sequences pt 2

My original goal was to improve my stats, and in that sense I succeeded. However my other attempt which I thought was actually more in depth failed, while this one worked. 286 more words


Complete wave sequences

Not completely complete in the sense that I haven’t accounted for other elements, but in the purest form, yes.

No specifications about where price will be, only that the next fully trending move will be in the same direction as the one previous to it with about 60/40 odds. Solid base line I think..


The Sanatan Dharma

The original name of Hinduism is Sanatan Dharm. ‘Sanatan’ means eternal and ‘Dharm’ means those actions, thoughts and practices that promote physical and mental happiness in the world and ensure God realization.


Basic ratios on Transient waves

Time to dust off the micro account.

Combined with the likely wave type to follow, I think there’s a window of edge that is trade-able. 34 more words


Wave Counts

I liked the trend spotting thread; Good, short, simple, and thought provoking.


My immediate idea was to apply to waves rather than just bars. However, I didn’t quite like the idea that the numbers jumped from say 4 to 19 depending on how many more prices the new high or low broke. 157 more words