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How to Relate to that Stranger in Front of You

The more you leave your home (both the physical structure and the internal one you hold) to experience life, the more you ‘do,’ the more enriched you become by experiencing others’ authentic story, but only when you make yourself available to receive and relate. 686 more words

Validation: The Best Before Date

Validation: The Best Before Date

a, in reference to c eating crow now. as promised.
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Validation: The Best Before Date

They say sometimes you just need to hear it. 238 more words


August Positivity Challenge - Relating

It’s half way through September so probably time I posted my August response; I’m not going to proof-read this, take it as it is.

1. Have a chat with a family member: 1,195 more words

Hot Potato Heart

I put my heart in his hands, which is totally unfair.

Here’s my heart — catch!!! It’s hot! 

No! Hold your own heart!

But I’ve chosen you! 227 more words

You Ain't the Boss of My Love

Real love never dissipates, never goes away, even when a relationship no longer has a fence around it.

When in a relationship, I don’t stop loving my partner anytime he’s not standing right in front of me — when he goes to work for the day, for example — and then resume loving him when he comes home for dinner. 78 more words

house or home

I have a love-hate relationship with home shows and home magazines. I love to be inspired by people’s creativity and the artistic expression of their own personality, but I don’t want to be drawn into the trap of buying things because they are just so “now”. 300 more words


White City stories part 19: some learned or re-learned things from summer

Five weeks of playwork on the playground has come to an end, and it’s taken its physical and emotional toll (even not having worked every single day of it, as I haven’t). 2,382 more words