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A Deeper Awareness of the Value We Have In His Plan

“It is through deep repentance – abandoning manipulative styles of relating in favor of risky involvement with others – that God is enjoyed and people are loved. 131 more words

Dr. Larry Crabb

Understanding Venus. Part two of two

To recap from last post, the primary principle of Venus is RELATEDNESS.  How are person relates to others as well as how they relate things to other thing (art), themselves to other things (personal style) etc etc… Here are the next 6 signs of the zodiac as examples: 233 more words

In The End.....

 We enter the world alone and we will leave the world alone, so make sure while you’re here, you surround yourself with people who truly care for you.


Understanding Venus. Part one of two.

There are many words used to describe Venus, the planet of Love.  Wonderful words such as;  harmony, balance, beauty, enjoyment, romance, magic, peace, pleasure, kindness, fairness, etc…. 517 more words

Dear Mr. Stark

Dear Mr. Stark,

Can I call you Tony? I realize that’s informal, but then again, you’ve never exactly been one to follow protocol or have an overabundance of manners. 669 more words

How to connect with people

The other day I read a list by fellow blogger Nicole (https://walkinthesunlight.wordpress.com/), it was nice plus it inspired me to do a list of my own. 654 more words


Expectation vs Intention

Did you find that the idea of Expecting something to happen is actually making you disappointed, frustrated or irritated when things

don’t go exactly the way you envisioned? 26 more words