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To Do: Get a Guru

I was trying to explain (that in itself is a mistake — never try to explain yourself — that means the person already doesn’t get you) to my well-meaning mother that I’m having a spiritual crisis. 267 more words

Ways of seeing: magic (notebook drafts)

I have spent these past weeks immersed in magic (whatever that should mean). It is a process of trying to understand, or to see. What this is, what we’re in, could be impossible to describe; though what we cannot always see to say, as such, we can feel. 1,137 more words


better way

Can you communicate that in a better way?


Grateful to relate

I met someone new.

We’ve been talking for about three months now and I’ve been smitten since I first met him. 322 more words


How to Relate to that Stranger in Front of You

The more you leave your home (both the physical structure and the internal one you hold) to experience life, the more you ‘do,’ the more enriched you become by experiencing others’ authentic story, but only when you make yourself available to receive and relate. 686 more words

Validation: The Best Before Date

Validation: The Best Before Date

a, in reference to c eating crow now. as promised.
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Validation: The Best Before Date

They say sometimes you just need to hear it. 238 more words


August Positivity Challenge - Relating

It’s half way through September so probably time I posted my August response; I’m not going to proof-read this, take it as it is.

1. Have a chat with a family member: 1,195 more words