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On Acceptance: Avenues

“We all have….how you say? … Our own avenues, we go down and see and learn from. We each have our own way.”

Her slightly broken English made the phrase all the more poignant, as it tends to do. 482 more words


Beauty Report: The beach and being in the present moment

My partner and I went to the beach on Monday. Being at the beach erases all troubles and allows us to be our most natural selves. 140 more words


OSHO Day 2: Love and Relating

“Sometimes lovers feel that when love is there, they are not. To feel this in love is easy because love is gratifying, but to feel it in hate is difficult because hate is not gratifying.

800 more words
21-Day Challenges

Osho: A Course In Meditation - Day 2

Day 2 – Meditations on Love and Relationship

Thought for the day: I am ready to experience love in every moment of my life

Daily Quote: 321 more words


Considering children and respect

I find myself considering the rationale on ‘respect’ again here as I sit down to write. This has come this week via some personal interactions on the playground, some conversations on the subject with a group of playwork learners, and out and about whilst in ‘parent mode’, as it were. 1,302 more words


Today I started and finished reading Lala’s book, “The Love Playbook”. It was actually a pretty accurate and good read. I was shocked that I actually liked it . 573 more words

the comparison trap

I have a friend who works with women at risk. Her job is important and valuable, she is literally at the front line with women in dangerous situations. 487 more words