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Shouting in a crowded room

Writing my “letter from the heart of a liberal Zionist” was an exercise in de-othering. I had found myself so triggered by the atrocities in Gaza that I could feel nothing but disgust for Zionists, and it was the liberals of that group that particularly galled me – perhaps because, in light of their admirable liberalism, their Zionism felt so acutely disappointing. 637 more words

When Someone You Love Behaves Like A Tit

It’s tough when you know the purity of someone’s heart and soul but witness them behaving like a shit, tit, or twit.

I tend to hold steady to my belief in their inherent goodness, which sometimes means I stick around too long, hoping they’ll snap out of it and stop being such a fuckbag. 117 more words

Working with or in play that threatens

Play can sometimes take on more threatening forms. I use this word deliberately because I was going to write ‘darker forms’ but realise that that might not amount to anything clear. 1,059 more words


Dating is Relating - Not Mating!

Dating is relating, not mating!

Every Wednesday evening this summer, most of our young adults have met with Cindy and I to look into the subject of dating. 674 more words

The House Ministries

White City stories: part 18 (observation and reflection)

It’s half-way through the summer school holidays, or thereabouts, and it seems a suitable time to think back on play that has happened on the playground in the past few weeks. 2,410 more words


Snack on This: Crumbs of a Man

I dated a man who was open and honest about the fact that he was unsure about being in a serious relationship.

I said then, and I still say, that this was preferable to someone who SAYS he is ready, and puts a ring on it, when in fact he is not ready or interested in being part of a true partnership. 488 more words

Friendzone > Back Burner

The ‘Friendzone’ misconception still mystifies me…

I don’t find being ‘friend zoned’ offensive…why, you ask?
Because there’s a difference between ‘Friend zoned’ and being put on the… 661 more words

Rants From The Heart