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People Quirks Rant

Can we talk about Mexican prejudice against Mexicans? please let us talk about that. Actually its a bit more broad than that. Its more like brown skin spanish individuals prejudice against other brown skin spanish individuals. 578 more words

Stay Calm.....

Never let the situations you are in to take away your happiness and freedom. What you see may not be real, What you hear may not be true, What you understood  all along  will change at the speed of light. 35 more words

M is for Minister

“To be shown love is to feel ourselves the object of concern: our presence is noted, our name is registered, our views are listened to, our failings are treated with indulgence and our needs are ministered to.

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'A' To 'Z' Challenge

On relating to girls and writing FanFiction

Yesterday I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  Yes, I’m THAT kind of librarian, I read an entire book on my day off.  Anyway, the book was a lot of fun.  897 more words



con·nect·ed  (kə-nĕk′tĭd) adj.

1. Joined or fastened together; 2. Mathematics: a. Not decomposable into two disjoint nonempty open sets. b. Having a continuous path between any two points. 418 more words

ALL the time, lost or in relation with

I post this following comments and reply on a poem

From Acorn To Oak onWas all it took

I’m often lost in a dream (as if it were) identified in projection with what I experience. 424 more words

Hc And Reality

Working with others: Respect and Admiration

“I could always tell when an organisation was in good shape. I could tell because the manager of the organisation would always be talking about how great the people in the organisation were. 693 more words

Transformation, Inspiration