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Poetry and Ontology: Relating Through Experience (Part 1)

Setting the Stage Two Kinds of Knowledge

Eleonore Stump defines two types of knowledge: Franciscan and Dominican[1]. Each type is related to their respective names. 755 more words


The potential magnitude of moments

Something I’ve long been very aware of is the potential magnitude of moments: the things that pass us by because we’re not wise enough to ‘read’ them correctly. 1,078 more words


The Heart of the Matter

So, my most recent writings (typings…?) seem to be centered around the heart lately. Or at least some form of the heart. Maybe it’s because my own has been hurting.  1,384 more words


No One Perfect Way

No Perfect Way…

In today’s world, everyone is searching for the one answer to a thing. The one right way to raise your kids, to be your best, to become rich, to manifest your dreams and goals, and yes the one sure way to a perfect relationship. 762 more words

Banish the Gloom ~ a villanelle poem *

It seems no one can hear the words I say.
A damp fog in my mind lowers my mood,
I must resist slipping into the grey. 169 more words


In the spirit of provocation: playwork as a mindedness

‘Playwork’, I think (this week, at least, and returning in part to previous writings) is not a job, as such: it’s a way of thinking, a way of being. 1,156 more words


Ugh, I'm sorry

The other day, I was talking about how Kingdom Hearts isn’t making very good games recently and I apologise. Kingdom Hearts is f*uckin awesome. When I played it when I was younger, I loved it because the characters really felt real and it felt like you could really relate to them. 391 more words