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You were lost in sight and sound, I'm stuck at touch.

The imaginations of the over sensitive never ceases to amaze me.  How is it possible to believe those so easily moved by only two of their senses?   180 more words


Things I Can't Stand.

1. I can’t stand how big/thick/fat women hate on skinny chicks. Mind your damn business. If a b!tch wanna be skinny, let her ass be skinny. 1,078 more words

Just a Dream

I didn’t really know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think that came from the fact that I had to grow up very early in life. 1,437 more words

Religion and Narcotics Abuse: The Flourishing Drug Trade in Lebanon

Another paper I’ve written for my International Social Conflict class.  The works cited is separate if anyone is curious.

The small country of Lebanon’s constant state of turbulence and war, both civil and yet greatly influenced by its neighboring expansionist states, Syria and Israel, has caused a flurry of different militant klans doing what ever they can to seize power in the historically prosperous levantine coast.  1,570 more words


Getting my mojo back

Now this subject is a little embarrassing but nevertheless I really want to discussed it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am really blushing while I type this. 186 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

Cousin it!!

Weirdest member of the family!!

Will it be the Uncle who held his pants up with a rope
Or the Aunt who bathed without a soap! 103 more words


Oh water!!

Oh water so clear,
But only what my eyes could see,
Clear and pure, colorless,
Simple, sweet, shiny on the surface,
Yet they would argue, 54 more words