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Signs You May Be Headed Towards a Breakup.

You’re spending more and more time apart. Having separate interests is good, being able to have alone time with friends every once in a while is healthy for a relationship. 297 more words


Remind Your Partner of Your Love!

Just as no one is a mind reader when it comes to problems in a relationship, no one is a mind reader for the good points either. 238 more words


Don't Shy Away From Counseling.

When the time comes that you need more than just a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear, look for a greater level of support through a therapy or counseling. 167 more words


Getting Back Together.

Are you separated, or afraid that separation is inevitable? As difficult it is to believe right now, being apart for a while might actually be the best thing that could happen for your relationship. 168 more words


Communication Guidelines.

Communication isn’t just about talking to your partner, it’s about really understanding and acknowledging what your partner is saying and feeling. Everybody has a different level of skills when it comes to communication, and just like any other skill better communication can be learned.  208 more words


Compassionate Listening.

Sometimes the simplest solution is just to stop and listen to what your partner is saying and imagine how and why he or she could be feeling that way or seeing things in that light. 172 more words


Depression And Relationships

The death of Robin Williams has once again thrust the issue of mental illness and depression into the spotlight. The signs can be hard to recognize and it has to be hard for his wife, who is left behind to deal with the aftermath, as it would be hard for any spouse dealing with a partner who battles or has battled depression. 227 more words