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Reignite Your Relationship!

The newness of a relationship is what sparks passion. After you learn about your partners likes, dislikes, their routines, their hobbies, and so on, that passion seems to die down some. 182 more words

Your Happiness Depends On YOU! 4 People Who Affect You... Ilissa Banhazl, MFT Glendora

We can blame a lot of people and events for our unhappiness and we’d probably be right in understanding where some of our struggles originated. … 130 more words

Family Counseling

Reasons To Seek Marriage Counseling.

Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. These rates¬†vary with the partner’s education level, religious beliefs, childhood, etc. While divorce seems to be the healthiest and best decision for some, others may feel that the marriage can be salvaged. 291 more words


Signs You May Be Headed Towards a Breakup.

You’re spending more and more time apart.¬†Having separate interests is good, being able to have alone time with friends every once in a while is healthy for a relationship. 297 more words


Remind Your Partner of Your Love!

Just as no one is a mind reader when it comes to problems in a relationship, no one is a mind reader for the good points either. 238 more words


Don't Shy Away From Counseling.

When the time comes that you need more than just a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear, look for a greater level of support through a therapy or counseling. 167 more words


Getting Back Together.

Are you separated, or afraid that separation is inevitable? As difficult it is to believe right now, being apart for a while might actually be the best thing that could happen for your relationship. 168 more words