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You might think she wants your money, your car or even the most expensive of gifts……………

But you really need to understand that the RIGHT WOMAN wants your time, your smile, your HONESTY, as well as your efforts at making her your PRIORITY……… … 19 more words


Eight Things Happy People Have In Common - Family -

Much have been said about money, success, blah blah and blah. Sometimes little is said about happiness which is the most important thing in life. So I went digging for things that happy people do as a routine because to me life is all about happiness and its pursuit. 199 more words


Who You Should Date

I have always said this to people; it’s not about what someone says about you when the going is good, it’s more about what they say about you when it goes sour. 287 more words


Women Are The Most Wonderful Creatures

Women are the most wonderful creature I have
seen on Earth, but am yet to understand why
some men are busy finding faults upon faults on… 230 more words



#BringOurGirlsBack – MY LAMENTATIONS

By Femi Oyebade Jnr.

Everyone saying “Bring ouR girls back”, I’m here screaming “Bring my heart back.” Rihanna’s outfit is saying “Where did your dignity go?” Approximately 276 female students kidnapped from their school, over 250 families in tears, mothers left in pain like going through labour all over again. 386 more words


Talking About Nudity

“To all that think it’s fanaticism or extremism to Preach against or be against NUDITY in the name of fashion or hot weather or whatever excuses they give. 271 more words



You are not required or expected to be the healer, the fixer, the savior or Messiah for your spouse.

Only God can be God.

Trying to be more than you can be for your spouse will exhaust you and frustrate them. 21 more words

Relationship, Romance And Love