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Healthy Relationships – The Coming and the Going

Healthy Relationships

It is a scientific fact that healthy relationships make us healthier and happier. And this includes all different types of healthy relationships – friends, family, partners and colleagues. 736 more words

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Ladies: How to be the Girl every Guy craves for!!!

It’s been long I wrote on this corner tho that’s why I decided to write something for “Dem” Ladies!!!

You wanna be every Guys dream?! Then these Tips are definitely for you; 666 more words

Relationship Tips

Financial Opposites Attract - Tips on Money and Marriage

Ever want to take duct tape and fully cover your partner’s mouth, hands, and feet, not for intimacy play, but to get him/her to stop making financial decisions or simply spending in a manner not fitting your beliefs?   596 more words

Relationship Tips

Loverman Says: If You're Not Doing This In Your Relationship - It Could Go Bad

Making love should not be a chore.
Making love should be the ultimate connection to bring you together as one.

If you’ve lost that excitement of making love with your partner - 50 more words


32 Tips For The Dating Impaired

Disclaimer: All of the narcissistic, arrogant comments aside, I decided to write this guide for both guys and girls for a reason: Too many good men nowadays are unable to talk to females due to an inferiority complex and the fear of being shot down, and you girls deserve to know that some of us guys think with more than our penile units. 2,489 more words

Common interests are great, but...

While it is great to have common interests with your partner, what really matters is how you interact while pursuing those interests.

For example, a couple who both enjoy cooking may effortlessly chop, mix, and glide to the fridge in an elegant dance as they prepare a meal. 94 more words

Relationship Tips

You want a serious relationship? Here are 7 things you shouldn’t hide from your partner |illigaldude|

If you think that you’ve found your
true love, there are things you
shouldn’t hide from your partner.
Committed relationships require both
members to be completely honest.
562 more words

Relationship Tips