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Is a relationship doomed if you have different interests?

Compatibility or Commitment?

Thinking back to the beginnings of our relationship, we had some similar interests – spirituality, personal growth. And there were certainly things that the Martian was and is interested in that I’m not, for example, fixing and learning about cars, skiing, physics (which I blush to say I got a D in in high school) and airplanes to name a few. 164 more words

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Who are my Friends- Part 11

As I draw a close on this friendship series, I would want to encourage us to try as much as possible to be the best of friends we can be to others. 335 more words

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Mid Week Musings: How to keep your relationship Fun, Fresh and Fierce!

Mid Week Musings

I know you all know like I know that there is constant quotes and little jokes on Facebook saying something along the lines of there is not any “real men” out there or “real women” out there OR relationships don’t last..yadda yadda… 2,114 more words

Things to Remember #6

   Challenges can be fun to overcome together, so don’t back off because something isn’t easy. It will be worth it to have the struggle in the end.


Who are my Friends- Part 10

I was within the premises of the University of Ibadan (Nigeria) last weekend, attending a friend’s convocation reception when one of the “well-wishers”, a philosopher, made a statement, he said, “In the concept of friendship, there is nothing as “good or bad friends” there are only friends.” I listened to him with rapt attention and for some moment I pondered on his statement and it dawned on me that he may be right after all. 341 more words

Character Building

Ladies - You Can Get Your Man To Do Anything - Here's How To Do It

Ladies – let’s face it. Men think a lot different than women. There’s a certain way you can communicate everything you want and need. Here are some examples of questions… 117 more words

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Virtual Hug vs Actual Hug – Can Social Media Ruin Your Relationships?

Last Sunday, I was watching a movie with my better half. It was a good movie so I decided to tweet about it. Within minutes my friends started replying to it and I simply got carried away. 512 more words

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