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Caught up with a buddy of mine today, he remarked how ‘dynamic’ a life I lead. Funny how people change. Lately, I’ve been hearing other people’s thoughts (not in a psychic way) through their words. 253 more words

Summer wrap up. So now what to do with these lessons?

So here’s my summation of my summer in one sentence. I grew up big time, and I had a lot of fun along the way. … 445 more words

Think of your sweetie, and boost your mood

When you spend time thinking about your romantic partner/spouse, your body chemistry is positively impacted, say researchers from Western University.

Study participants got a boost in blood sugar/glucose levels by just thinking of their partner, giving them a boost in energy and happiness. 301 more words


The Best Relationship Advice - Sacred time needed here

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When I notice that our connection is almost habitual and the juice is pretty low, I realize that the Martian and I need some real time away just with each other. 93 more words

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Leaving the Ex Zone for the Friend Zone

Social media has us young people thinking that the friend zone is some cold, dark place that unfortunate members of society sit in until they are cuffed. 614 more words



I dread blind dates. The reason is simple, anything and everything could go wrong. I mean, “unblind” first dates are hard enough and now a date that’s totally blind? 521 more words

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What About Our Emotions?

Many of us pay little or no attention to the kind of influence emotion plays on our relationships. Somehow we are emotionally involved in most of the relationships we have and this explains why we feel offended when people offend us or cross our paths. 372 more words

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