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I've lost Mary

Because we were talking about a nativity play I assumed ‘I’ve lost Mary’ was referring to the person playing Mary. What became clear as the conversation went on was that the other person was actually talking about someone called Mary who was the main organiser of the play. 204 more words


Were Mary and Joseph disappointed with God?

Mary felt privileged, after all she was giving birth to the son on God. She had wondered what it would be like and how God would make the occasion special but going into labour where the animals were kept probably wasn’t what she had imagined. 487 more words


Do you ever feel like the worst Christian?

Do you measure yourself against other Christians?

Do you ever feel inferior to them?

Do you ever feel like everyone knows more than you about the Bible? 477 more words


MAKING IT TO HEAVEN - It's a done deal y'all!!

I think a big misunderstanding we have is that salvation is all about going to heaven, & that we need to keep living right in order to make it to heaven on the day of judgement. 1,366 more words

Intimacy With God

Speaking Boldly: Am I Doing It Right?

So this will be a rather short entry and mostly it’s about the picture above or below…..I really don’t know where it’ll show up since I’m still new to all this. 1,726 more words


What Is That Smell?

God created man with five senses: Touch, Sight, Hearing, Taste, and Smell. Of these senses, our sense of smell is probably the most ignored. But have you noticed that we often associate some places, things and even people with certain odors? 172 more words

Relationship With God

Love Santa even more?

I came across an ad recently with the caption ‘love Santa even more’.

What’s next do you think? Santa is for life, not just for Christmas? 395 more words