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Dear you,

Sometimes, I wish
I knew what I’m writing for.

Sometimes, I wish
You knew who I’m waiting for.

180. Captivated

I want to feel your smile now
caressed and softly pressed,
where lips now mutual meet
and eyes find their sweet rest,
as hands entwine the while… 43 more words



A companion is someone who compliments us in many ways, is always there no matter what. We as humans have had the Earth with us through everything. 195 more words

Love Once Again!

A lot of people refuse to fall in love, once they fall out of it. But time heals the wounds of the brokenhearted.  Love helps you cope with any difficulties of life that come in your path. 319 more words


Laughs out loud

I have been informed that what I wrote about someone was offensive and disrespectful. Queue laughter. Have you read anything I’ve ever wrote? Is any of it fair? 320 more words


Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Everything in this world was made with love. Animals love and humans love too. It is however not very easy to find someone you are attracted to and who likes you back. 341 more words

LOBATAN!! Kim Kardashian Stepdad Bruce Jenner is gradually changing to a woman [PICS]

Kim K step father, Bruce Jenner evolving look has been the source of much speculation.

Now comes word that the former Olympian’s change is for real and that Bruce’s ultimate goal is to live life as a female. 184 more words