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Looks can be deceiving?

So this past week I was judged. When I say I was judged it wasn’t in a manner in which a bad connotation should be inferred, rather more of an observation was made about me. 112 more words


You're Worth The Risk...

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Sometimes we think that in order to go after something, there should be no risk involved. We tend to live in a world where everyone is trying to play it safe, where as long as we do not have to be  567 more words


Help Her Before It's Too Late

The English title of this short video “One Photo a Day in the Worst Year of My Life” caught my eyes when I saw it on YouTube. 114 more words



Hola a todos, soy PrettyPopcy, y esta vez les hablaré sobre los orgasmos, pero primero ¿Por qué tanto miedo de hablar sobre el tema?, pues principalmente creo que el mayor problema es nuestro entorno, el mundo en el que vivimos no “nos permite” hablar sobre esto, es un tema para mujeres mayores, casadas, con hijos, pero nunca es bien visto cuando se trata de una joven de 20 a 25 años, porque comúnmente se cree que este rango de edad es para estudiar, o son las que están por casarse y DEBEN llegar virgen al matrimonio. 773 more words


Life Is To Be Lived

Live a life you’ll be proud of.
Be strong when life is a war.
Be soft when a friend needs an understanding ear.
Be yourself, because there’s nothing more beautiful than yourself. 10 more words

Life Note | 生活隨筆

Moments Before You Wake

Moments before you wake, you were dreaming, as I watched you.  Moments before you wake, you whispered something underneath your breath, and I tried making it out, but, I couldn’t… 198 more words


Celibacy or remaining abstinent until marriage is something that sadly isn’t supported or encouraged in Today’s society. Sex is talked about freely and openly as if everyone across the globe is married and it’s okay. 1,311 more words