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To say this year has been rough is an understatement.

There is something so unbelievably surreal and embarrassing about sitting in a B&N and writing on my tiny computer and kind of pretending I’m employed and I totally have a job and I’m not recently fired and feeling really shitty about myself 24/7. 303 more words

Sporadic Thoughts

To Noel
– the half of my soul, the whole of my heart.

I gave my pride to him but he used me

Hello Mama Zimbi, I am Ewurabenaa and he is Kwesi. We both graduated from the same unversity but he graduated a year before but we live in different cities. 129 more words

Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Come with Me - A poem

Come with Me -

I want to go with you in a field of flowers today,

so come away with me and we’ll play.

Grab your mitt, ball, and bat and… 144 more words

Inquiring Minds

Lessons From a Toddler

I’m finding that a lot more can be learnt from having a toddler around than I ever would have imagined. The latest thing my son seems to have latched onto is “I’m sorry”. 259 more words

Words To Live By