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What I Will And Won't Do/Say To The Future Step Mom

There will come a day when Andrew brings home a new toy from his weekend visitation. He will proclaim loudly that Natasha/Emily/Brittney/Amanda/Cruella (okay, that one is my favorite, for comedic affect of course) gave it to him. 416 more words



I absolutely hate it when some people blame their job, family, race or their past when you want to end your friendship or relationship with them instead of their personalities or something they have done wrong. 315 more words


I have decided to pay her back

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi,my name is Dickson and I would like you to help me get some answers.There is this lady I have fallen in love with @ my work place,I proposed to her & she told me she can’t either say yes or no cause she needs time to think about it cause she broke with her bf 3months ago.I understood her and I continue to show my love & care for her in fact have actually sacrificed a lot for this lady.but Mama,I found out yesterday that she’s actually dating two guys already through her whatsapp chat I found out one of the guys was inviting her for sex but mama the question is if she doesn’t love me why don’t she just tell me so that I move on cuz she actually behaving as if she likes and the little effort I will put in she will accept my proposal not knowing she has taken me to be a fool. 14 more words



So I wrote this a couple of nights before in my diary, I don’t know how or why but the idea┬ájust came in my head and I quickly grabbed a pen and started writing. 322 more words


My only prove is to let him sleep with me

Hello Dr Mama Zimbi, am Amina and am 21, and my boyfriend is 25yrs old. We’ve been going out for 4months now. I told him am a virgin wen we started dating and just this morning I lied to him am not a Virgin, I did that to know what he would say. 45 more words


My body is married to my husband but my soul belongs to my Ex

Hello Dr.Mama Zimbi, am Solace 24 yrs and my husband is 28 yrs old. We’ve bin married 4 6months now but i still luv my ex-boyfriend. 54 more words