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How The College Hook-Up Culture Is Dissolving The Chance To Have A Meaningful Relationship

Maybe you’re in college now, or about to attend it. Perhaps for you, it was over a decade ago. Whatever age group you are in, you have heard that the sex in college is GREAT. 442 more words

Letter 2:

Dear Stephen Chbosky,

You famously wrote, “We accept the love we think we deserve” and to be honest I never really understood it. Why would I love someone who loved me less than I deserved? 252 more words


Sometimes I stare at pics and gifs. of couples and imagine myself as the girl. I picture myself being loved, being kissed…..Then slowly but surely I smile.

Potential selves

Have you ever heard of a sculptor named Sean
Henry? I came across three of his works in
London. They seemed ordinary at first glance, 759 more words


So you want to break up with her by Leke Alder

Dear Jack,Please forward this mail to John. It’s
the response to the mail he asked you to forward to me. What does he take me for?! 1,064 more words


Getting excited :)

Its the little things that count. Ben’s been working all day and I literally cannot wait for him to get back home! then we can lay in bed together and have a cuddle and inspect how each others tan is developing nicely on our faces! 369 more words

King & Queen Inner Kingdom

Dear Readers:

Imagine that you have a kingdom that consists of a King & Queen. Within that kingdom, there are residents and citizens. There is also a council that supports the King & Queen in managing the kingdom’s affairs. 472 more words