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How often have you seen two people hold hands in public? How about kiss? In society, there are many rules relating to public displays of affection, but there is still no definite line on what is ok to do in public, and what isn’t. 292 more words


I Do Have Other Blogs As Well

Just wanted everyone to know that I do have a couple other blogs as well. Here are the links: 

Holding Onto Your Relationship

What It Really Means to Be Pagan… 19 more words


Life is just a Patch

This morning I was reading Jiddu Krishnamurthy and his take on why one must discover oneself first to be able to connect with everyone else. It was sheer poetry of thought. 810 more words

Love And Life

Day 27: I Don’t Trust Myself Anymore

I don’t trust myself anymore. I lost all faith and trust in myself. Face it, I always screw up almost everything that comes my way. I mostly screw up relationships most of all, cause of me being a complete impatient brat. 602 more words


Saying "I Love You"

Thought of the day…
Do you say “I love you” because you mean it or because it’s habit?

I noticed this online the other day and it got me thinking about those people who have told me they love me for the wrong reasons. 234 more words

Random And Casual Thoughts From The Author


I’m single and I don’t have kids.

So if you want to marry me or be my kid (not both), I will mail you an application. 493 more words


Open Heart Surgery.

My mind has been on overdrive lately. Overanalysing myself and situations… you know, the usual! I’ve found finally being open to dating the past 6 months or so has got me analysing human behaviour even more. 950 more words

Self Awareness