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Hidden and dark, alone and silent, like a monster of the ages with unpredictable strenght. With weakness undetermined and with a flame that burns to ashes, there exists the destiny that cannot be denied or ignored. 26 more words


Through the landscapes of time and the hopes gained over and over again through the centuries, man has learnt that. It take more then efforts, pain and ability to gather the petals of faith and own them..because they hardly are gained…The petals of faith grow from flowers that are fed with the inspiration of a true human being. 20 more words


All the Red Flags

People are getting together and breaking up all of the time. All of the time. Right now, there could be a man waking up with a surge of adrenaline, thinking today is the day — today is the day he will finally propose. 770 more words

Work In Progress

Taking the Fear Out of Self-Awareness

That inward journey is scary. You never know what you will find.  Will I like what I discover about myself?  Will I hate it?  Will I find that I’m fundamentally flawed and deficient if I go there? 388 more words


...I don't understand (dream)

I dreamt last night that I got a phone call notifying me that my ex-husband Seth had died. Apparently it had been defending my older sister, who was being attacked by her ex-girlfriend (those two had a contentious break-up themselves involving a court appearance for a restraining order). 154 more words


Quest for happiness

What are we looking for in our lives? In order to attain happiness we play different characters throughout our lives, and forget that we ourselves are persons at first place and that specific character at the second. 147 more words

A-Z April '14

#69....How To Land A "Hot" Chick....Or Not

I don’t know how these conversations get started, or why they always seem to take place in the kitchen. Nevertheless, I must say that I take great comfort in the fact that in this day and age, our teenage sons actually WILL condescend to now and again grace us with their repartee!  315 more words

Kim Carlisle