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Early Twenties

As I head further into my early twenties, I’ve been thinking more on what I’ve discovered so far in life.  It’s quite difficult to narrow down all these little (and big) discoveries into a short list that is honestly impactful.   468 more words



Within relationships, “boundaries” are the rules we set for how we interact with each other and where we “draw the line.” These unwritten rules are about how we share power, money, physical intimacy, and so on with another person. 831 more words


What's in a tone?

Have you ever noticed your work skills and talents aren’t rewarded at home like they are in the workplace?  Part of my job as a former therapist, and now as a Life Coach is to analysis, notice patterns and offer suggestions.  205 more words


Dear Journal: About a Girl

Dear Journal,

Before I met her my longest previous relationship was three years, and during two and a half years of that one it was like a nuclear warhead. 555 more words


Let me do the talking.

“They say too much smoking will change your taste,
Maybe that’s why he’s kissing another girls face.
I wish I has words to encourage and inspire, 322 more words


Segment Similarity: Circles Part 4

So this happens in geometry:

It relates back to dilations.

The big idea: similar triangles have proportional measures.

Scene Change

And then we see this: 403 more words


Satellites Spinning Round: Circles Part 3 (Tangents and Incircle)


Have you ever wondered how far a satellite is from the planet?  Sometimes people think about these objects flying through the sky and rotating around a planet.   453 more words