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What To Look For In A Friend's New Partner

It’s always interesting when your friend starts dating someone new. You want the relationship to be good for your friend but also good for you. We are selfish creatures so there are many ways in which we worry about how a friend’s new fling will impact us. 402 more words


Heart and Sol

Lead the way to a infinite tomorrow… Even if without?
Such a solid foundation ensures your clout
In my Being, my Sol, my heart.
Mi Corazon, Siempre without a doubt. 59 more words

MONO [one]: Are You There?

I made you scream in all the dismays of joy,

& birthed orgasm, my dear ‘Helena of Troy’,

We, who felt entitled like Christmas: to a child, to a toy. 128 more words


Cats Are Optional.

So today I’ve been doing the whole overthinking thing I tend to do quite often…and was writing a list in my head of the reasons as to why I’m single. 1,427 more words

Self Awareness

Imperfect People: Part 1 - Confronting Critical Crossroads

“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 866 more words

LIFE Leadership

Something of Sustenance

And after I had taken hold of every little thing the world had to offer me I was left standing in a downpour of my own wreaked havoc; drenched in the tears of a God who battled hard against every demon that so very desperately tried to claw its way into a heart held captive by its own deceit.   1,399 more words

Faith And God

Mind of a man

Would I ever want to think like a man? You know what no. The ones I’ve dealt with honestly I would never want to be in their heads. 180 more words