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#93 receiving a real Easter greeting card

It’s Easter time and in our social media networks we receive Easter greetings, e-greeting cards etc, but how often, if at all, you would receive or expect to receive a real greeting card by mail? 90 more words

365 Days Blog Project



Endless and silent

Waiting breathlessly

Comfort with sadness

Emptiness and Surrender

You offer me hope

You offer me dreams

You sing to my inner most liabilities… 36 more words


Giten Heart Meditation: Love, Acceptance and Silence

Giten Heart Meditation:

Love, Acceptance and Silence

- Periphery and Being

Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and feel the heart and the area around the chest. 382 more words


16th June, a couple of years ago

Names have been changed.


So me and Susie have moved into our place and it is such a beautiful flat.  I’ve never lived anywhere like it – everything is brand new, clean and modern. 163 more words


More observations on social interactions: Bad, bad, bad

It never ceases to amaze me. I already knew big groups didn’t work- but really- how do people arrive at a later stage of life without having developed the proper skills for social interaction? 221 more words


How Much Stuff Does One Person Need?

I decided that I would tackle some of the little jobs that needed to be finished on my list. One of them was to empty and tidy my rather large handbag. 282 more words


From Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies:

‘The Sun moves into Taurus on Sunday April 20th at 3.55pm. The Sun plays a vital role in your life on Earth. Your life goals are linked to your Sun sign and the Sun gives you an indication of how you can shine in your life. 192 more words

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