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Mixed Signals - Thoughts From Elite Daily

A writer posted on article on Elite Daily explaining how there are no “mixed signals” when it comes to relationships, it’s either a person will show straightforward signs of wanting to be in a relationship with you or not. 361 more words


Under Surveillance

My wife pops by here on occasion. She says she likes to keep an eye on what I’m up to…. here on the internet potentially in the view of the entire world. 152 more words


Transmuting Yesterday's Mistakes.

Saturday is Violet Flame day–the day when the energy of the Violet Flame is readily available for transmutation.

Each and every day God’s energy flows freely into and through us via the silver cord, a spiritual umbilical cord connecting us to God. 65 more words


Tumblr Poem #9: Another Love Story

Another Love Story, a poem

Reading various novels about love gives the reader an ideal as to how his/her own story should unfold. Here are some of my favorites, strung together, telling its reader another love story.

Posted on January 20, 2014


A Couple Days of Happiness 9.19.14

I have been extremely busy with school thus far into the year. It’s moving pretty fast, which I like, however, it’s also quite scary and stressful. 1,084 more words

"My Drug"

I cry when I’m in disbelief of the things I know I have
It’s not that I’m not thankful
I’m afraid that they won’t last… 152 more words

The Last Zombie

My Dad and The Last Pickle

It had been at least twenty-five years since we’d been there, maybe more.

I was driving back from a meeting near the heart of the city and knew it was close by. 453 more words