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Payback's a...

“It’s been a year now. How are things going?”

That’s my psychiatrist, Linda. She’s a middle aged woman who has been married and divorced. Whether she dates or not, I have no idea. 834 more words


Please Don't Like Me

Please don’t like me, because I’m not sure I like you. I mean, you’re nice, but I just don’t think that’s enough. I look at you and I just don’t get butterflies in my stomach. 375 more words

Benediction Part II...

I’m wrestling this morning.

I wrestled myself from bed. I wrestled breakfast onto the table and the boy out the door. I wrestled Legos from my Baby’s iron grip. 379 more words

Girls Poop Too... Among Other Things

Written in lieu of my beautiful best friend and our previous discussions. 

In our modern-day and age women are definitely becoming more and more comfortable with expressing their natural… needs. 755 more words

Flick The Bean


Why is it so damn hard for a woman to be alone?


Even Eve

had this:


           didn’t save her.

He didn’t lead.


He let her go; 137 more words


Granny Chaney

My Granny was a whirlwind of energy.  She rarely sat still, unless she was sewing.

Disclaimer: NOT my real Granny, but looks a lot like her! 487 more words


Guard Your Heart (written especially for teens)

Tonight our youngest daughter is going to her first sixth grade dance and our oldest is going to her first football game as a high school freshman. 464 more words