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How To Destroy Your Relationship (in 6 Easy Steps)

If you’re in a relationship with a great guy but you just love drama and want to be miserable, all you need to do is follow these six steps and you will be crying and lonely in no time! 357 more words


In Three Parts

1. I find the kindness and good manners of the teenagers I work with to be disarming. “Thank you!” they all say in at least a good impression of genuine gratitude on their way out the door, even if you can tell they would have rather you pulled out their fingernails than tutored them in logarithms. 329 more words


It feels, very much, as though a chapter is closing in my life. An odd thought, really, considering it’s been over a year since I moved here, and over a year that I’ve been with Kris. 167 more words

Personal Ramblings

93 Intimacy Exercise: Massage Her Feet

Sit together and discuss how her feet feel when she comes in from work.

Discuss what you can do to help the aches and pains in her feet. 330 more words


Love Is A Bitch

Love is pointless
Love is pain
Love is a gameEveryone’s playing
Love is elusive
Love is fleeting
You give all you got
And take only a beating. 72 more words


Thousands and counting

It’s been nearly one year since our conversation began, and as of today, Master and I have surpassed 120,000 messages on Facebook.

I find it hard to believe that we were once unknown to each other. 442 more words

Alternative Lifestyle

Queen for a day!...Every Royal Day!

Today my husband made my day brighter than the sun. From the moment we woke up, he was loving and sweet. Love waking up to his “I love you baby”. 236 more words