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5 Non-Negotiables for My "Prince Charming"

We all have our “lists” of characteristics we want in a potential mate. These might include, but are also not limited to, things like, “must be willing to move around”, “must have chocolate brown eyes”, “must have obtained a college degree”, “must have a foreign accent”, “must be a good cook”. 830 more words


What uhm exactly is dating again?

Before you read what I have to say,  READ THIS FIRST

I have to say that as a young, BLACK, educated, and driven career woman I do know the actual benefits of committed relationships. 210 more words

Personal Reflection

Tall girl problems.

In all honesty, sometimes I do feel bad for tall girls. I mean, they stand out, they’re unique, they can reach the top shelf… wait… how is any of that negative. 729 more words


The Social Stigma of Singleness

For some unknown reason, I had an urge to re-read Gone With the Wind this weekend. In the beginning, Scarlet O’Hara is 16 years old–prime marrying age. 889 more words

Life Ponderings

Why It's OK to not be the cool or "chill" girlfriend.

This isn’t another article saying the same things about body image for the thousandth time. This isn’t another article saying the same things about what women strive for for the thousandth time. 1,889 more words

Words Thoughts And Rambles

The Perks of a Long Distance Relationship

I recently closed the chapter on a “long distance relationship” (I put that in quotes, because it was only a few months so I can’t exactly call myself an “expert”). 871 more words


The Thing About Breakups Is...

It was love at first sight. You had immediate chemistry, finished each other’s sand—wiches, and then suddenly, it’s over. Here are some perplexities I have had recently about breakups (And, please feel free to share your thoughts on any of these topics because I am still stumped): 978 more words