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Facebook "trap"

Today I woke up with a thought that many of “Nowadays us” measure their own life success by Facebook official events on their timeline. And I am not even talking about judging others by their timelines! 200 more words


The Disadvantages of Being Single

“Just for fun”, I went through my contacts to calculate how many of my friends are in relationships/married, and how many of my friends are single. 1,709 more words


It's just a date

“The scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up.”

I stumbled across this heart-warming little sentiment earlier this year, and it put fear into my heart for two reasons. 612 more words


Manipulation & Control, The Ego, and My Current Life Lesson

I walked out of a meeting this week, and realized I had completely controlled and manipulated the entire meeting. I walked, expecting to get reprimanded for something I obviously did, and walked out with absolutely nothing to share because the meeting was so anti-climatic. 976 more words

Life Ponderings

Single in The City

From the first episode of Sex and The City, I was hooked. As each season went by, I fell more in love with Carrie Bradshaw and, of course, Big (I’m saying it again, as nice as Aiden was, I was ALWAYS for Big). 962 more words


I Hate Dating.

I love it when married people ask you about your dating situation, and then they respond, “I am SO glad I don’t have to do that anymore”. 1,383 more words


Back off Bachie Blake

Last year I got swept up in The Bachelor Australia phenomenon; I knew all the players, watched each episode and was once, somewhat embarrassingly, named in the Top 3 tweeters for an episode. 1,140 more words