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Liking Someone, and Caring for Someone

The phrase, “We shouldn’t be together but I still care about you” is often exchanged during an end-of-the-dating period conversation and can be quite confusing. It doesn’t quite make sense that, if you care about me, then why are you hurting me? 820 more words


To the Guy that I Probably Hurt His Feelings

To the Guy that I Probably Hurt His Feelings–

Wow. I sincerely apologize because I think I hurt your feelings and did not realize how mean I was to you until just now. 536 more words


We need to talk

We need to talk.

These four little words can strike fear in my heart—and it doesn’t matter who says them.

They’re ominous and they’re scary. But their message is so bloody important, just not in the way you probably think. 573 more words

The Bucket List

Boy for Boy's Sake or Boy for Idea's Sake?

Now that I am over a year out of my breakup (READ: My Breakup Project), I have been spending some time re-evaluating my past relationships. 1,412 more words

Life Ponderings

The Other Woman and Why I Need to Help Her.

I’m not exactly sure. Three days ago I found out my boyfriend of close to a year has been cheating on me for 3 months. What is it that keeps me communicating with the other woman? 536 more words


You can keep him.

just another cheating boyfriend story….

This whole blog thing is sparked by such a tumultuous few days for me. recently I started writing in a paper journal to help get rid of some of my anxieties that I was having about my boyfriend. 1,232 more words


My Breakup Project: How I Survived a 6 Year-Relationship-Breakup in 1 Year

Today meets the one-year anniversary that my boyfriend of almost six years, randomly called me up on the phone and dumped me.

Most of the time, when these kinds of traumatic dates come around, we feel a sense of anticipation, of dread, of nervousness. 5,462 more words

Life Ponderings