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We fight to hold on, we fight to let go..

Life Experiences

Oh boy, don't rush

Does anything like true love even exist? Nowadays people say “I love you” without knowing what it really means. They pretend that they can be in a relationship with anyone just because they are bored or “looking for love” Well, when a boy comes to me and tells me he is looking for somebody to love ’cause he’s been “a long time” -> (3 weeks?!) single (and I know he wants “ME”) I tell him I’m the wrong person because he didn’t FELL in love with me – no he is looking for SOMEBODY to love therefore he can f**k off and LOOK for another SOMEBODY because my name is Monica and I am sure as hell not somebody haha.

Stupid in love

I miss him. I don’t care about him. I still love him. I hate him. I need him. I don’t need him. I’m crying because he doesn’t love me. 214 more words

Friday the 13th - Full Honey Moon - Mercury Retrograde

So I have been trying to re-evaluate how I want to use this site. At first, it was about general well-being and health. But now I think it’s time for me to use it as a way to let out my mistakes and the consequences of those twenty-something fuck ups. 269 more words


I am not a loner (And this is not a question)

Hola, Nat

Oh, man. Don’t talk to me about human relationships. I suck at that. And not just when it comes to couples. I really have a hard time knowing when my friends are happy, or sad, or in need, or sick of me, or anything. 383 more words

Vero's Letters

Voices And Other Things In My Mouth

Voices & Other Things In My Mouth

I get asked this question a lot ~ “Why are you single? You’re so great?” …

…to which I answer… … 1,152 more words


Handcuffs vs Velcro

Handcuffs vs Velcro

I was reading through some of the volumes of journaling I have written, and I came across some relationship definitions, which are just as relevant today as they were when I wrote them, oh about a year ago. 1,251 more words