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i'm afraid

have guys ever realize how’s their girl feeling when they’re cheating? leaving her? had they ever thinking about how they really can ruin our days? because when i girl said she love him. she meant it.

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He loves me, He loves me NOT

The past year has really been a whirlwind… I apologize for the hiatus but I have been busy trying to pretend to be domesticated and committed… Committed to another person that is, not a mental institution, although that’s probably where I will be heading very soon. 2,155 more words

Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat

Эта сага никогда не закончится

Случайно падали звезды
В мои пустые карманы
И оставляли надежды.
Мои колени замерзли,
Ты был счастливый и пьяный,
И что-то важное между.


One Sided

One sided attempts

one sided tears



Only one of us feels this way because one would not inflict such pain to the other. The other doesn’t see the hurt. 60 more words


I saw this and I wanted to share it for those who love each other unconditionally and plan to spend the rest of your lives together. 234 more words

Billie Simone - Same Sex Love