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The postmodern mystic: about time

Time is not the straight arrow we think it is, the physicists tell us. And this is old physics; Einstein era ideas. But I got a fresh view of the notion in an… 868 more words


Exahustion of body and mind

I am so tired. Mentally, physically and emotionally (not sure of the difference between the first and last but the trio sounded good…)

So I think I am depressed. 143 more words

Irrelevant Until It Isn't

Dialectics: A Conversation about the nature of words

Me: I feel like i’ve fogotten what the word ‘of’ means

Friend: Well it’s one of those words that’s insanely hard to define, it’s like the word ‘any’. 1,730 more words

Conceptualizing the Abstract

Assuming time, the most objective concept, is in fact relative, what then exists outside of our minds? Do we all perceive the world through different views or do we each perceive unique worlds that our minds piece together? 236 more words

Vitamin C

The Connected Universe

This 3 minute video highlights one of the most exciting epiphanies in Westerns since Einstein developed the theory of relativity! It’s worth the watch.


Mash Stories

Mash Stories is a brilliant new on-line community for writers with a seasonal prompt-based contest.

Contestants must write a story under 500 words using three randomly chosen words.   274 more words

Flash Fiction

Sustainability Matters

Experts say maintaining personal connections is a key component of staying younger as we grow old.

Are we so busy that we are aging faster than we know? 687 more words