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Me and Cinema

I always believe there happened an evolution in my understanding as regards movies. From merely analyzing a particular movie with a very limited knowledge w.r.t all that went into making that movie and judging the value of the same, I can now say with a lot of confidence I understand very little when it comes to understanding the craft called ‘movie-making’. 431 more words

Everything's Relative

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It’s just so amazing to wonder,everything in this universe is absolute relative,leaving behind no one, from man, Earth, science to god;Everything becomes relative.As Shakespeare once said “thinking makes it so”, there will not be any right or wrong,nor good or bad,in the end relativity brings chaos to life. 240 more words


Einsteinian Relativity

“Einstein proposed two things, really quite innocuous when you hear them. One is that, just like on a train, if you’re sitting on a train at the station you momentarily kind of nod off, you wake up and the only thing you can see is another train next to you and it’s moving with respect to you, and in that split second, you can’t tell whether you’re moving or whether it’s the train next to you, and it’s the idea that , well actually, all you can say is “I’m moving relative to something else”. 477 more words


Los Angeles Media Fund Launched by Financing Vets Jeffrey Soros, Simon Horsman (EXCLUSIVE)

Veteran producers/financiers Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman have formed Los Angeles Media Fund as a full-service entertainment production and financing entity.

The fund has come on board to co-produce and co-finance Relativity and Media Talent Group’s psychological horror movie “The Disappointments Room,” starring Kate Beckinsale. 366 more words


Invariance vs. Relativity: An Interview with Thanh Nguyen

One of the cool things about science is that no theory, no matter how widely accepted, is safe. Some of the greatest scientific minds in history have had their work corrected or overturned by new discoveries. 763 more words


Giant laser observatory makes progress

By Maria Dasi Espuig

The Advanced Ligo instrument, a laser “ruler” built to measure the traces of gravitational waves, is progressing at amazing speed, scientists say. 770 more words


'The Woman In Black' Sequel Slated For January Release

Just last week Relativity closed a seven-figure deal for U.S. distribution rights to The Woman In Black 2 and now it has set January 30, 2015 for its release. 116 more words