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Inkling 1.1

explored in the early hours of 12.17.14

inkling here meaning a slight knowledge or suspicion of mine

usually explored through long prose or rants, whichever is more suitable…

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Applying Albert Einstein's theory of Relativity to our Lives

The image: A fast food seller cheerfully looking through smoke posing for my Nikon while flipping and tossing noodles for me while I waited. The poor man barely had enough protection from the bone-shattering cold like I did, and the best he had on was a pair of Chinese plastic boots that you could get for $2 on… 745 more words


Bi-Directional Signal Transmission in EPR Correlation

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Noboru Hokkyo


Senjikan Institute, Niigata, Japan.


A solution of nonlocal EPR correlation between counter-propagating pair of polarization entangled photons emitted from a common source at S and detected at points P and Q is sought outside the EPR’s reality criterion of local causality but within the framework of time-symmetric quantum electrodynamics allowing the bi-directional signal transmission P  S Q on the double-light cone where the future and the past cones share common light paths connecting the photon source S and the detection points P and Q. 226 more words

Jose Padua: Relativity

My mother cried when my father
took his first trip back home to the Philippines.
I don’t remember how old I was,
just that I was too young to understand… 262 more words


Minding the Third Eye

On the second day of our graduate seminar, the professor led the class in a values activity. Scraps of paper were taped along the walls of the classroom, numbered 1 – 10. 996 more words

Feeling pretty small at the moment.

Still have 4 days at work until the Christmas and New years. We’re pretty much done cleaning around the lab and wrapping up the last few experiments that’s going on. 333 more words