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The Quantum Experiment That Simulates A Time Machine

Physicists have simulated a photon interacting with an older version of itself in an experiment that could help reconcile quantum mechanics and relativity
One of the curiosities of general relativity is that it seems to allow time travel. 817 more words


'Sniper' Still Blowing Away Competition; Eyes Super Bowl Record - Saturday AM Update

UPDATE, SATURDAY,  8 AM: With studio-reported estimates after 12:30 AM post. Distrib chiefs earlier in the week spoke about how Friday and Saturday are the saving graces during Super Bowl weekend since most films are frontloaded on those two days. 2,324 more words


Flurry up!

Oops, shite, it’s already gone.

There goes my attempt at recording the heaviest snowfall of the year so far…

No matter how much the kids (and Carlos) have been praying for it, tonight’s offering* cannot really qualify as snow. 217 more words


GR and the Limits of Modern Science

One of the claims of general relativity is that we cannot determine the difference between being accelerated by some external force and being affected by gravity. 293 more words

Natural Philosophy

Time and Motion

I have been wondering about the theory of relativity. Is it a theory of how things are measured or does it give us insight into the way things change and exist? 402 more words


Is time relative?

In the previous post (http://wp.me/p2IwTC-6m) I gave a simplified account of why time and position are considered relative, in which each observer has his own version of what “here” and “now” means. 1,256 more words

Pulley Challenge!

A block of mass and two blocks of mass are connected to a pulley as shown. While the system is static, the lower block of mass is flicked up with a velocity . 173 more words