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Building Up to Simultaneity (Activity)

Here’s a classroom activity intended to demonstrate the issue of simultaneity in measuring a stick’s length. Students need a calibrated metre stick (I’m trying to get into the habit of spelling it that way), another stick approximately 1/3 m long although the precise length is unimportant, two coins of the same denomination or two small pea-size balls of sticky clay or something similar, and a smooth tabletop. 1,154 more words



What is one? 1, the number one?
One tall stick, signifying one?
It’s more than half
But it’s less than two.
D   Ο   ΟΟ

One is first. 72 more words


ReFocusing as a Turning Point

Yesterday I made the decision to refocus my energy for the coming months. Rather than writing, the desire of my heart is to create and facilitate. 947 more words


Relativity: Flying microscopes

“Mummy, there are lots of things that are invisible–not just in pretend.” – Luna


Purple Cows

Your pain is never about what someone else said or did “to” you.

If you called me a purple cow, I wouldn’t take you seriously. 62 more words

Gravity is Relative: The Wisdom of Wasps

To humans, gravity means you keep your feet on the ground. Not so for wasps.

For them, it’s all fine to act that way when flying, but when you stop flying you react to what presents itself to you. 53 more words

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