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Go with the flow.

Worrying and stressing isn’t the solution to every situation. Sometimes you need to realise that what’s going to happen will happen, in one way or the other. 99 more words

the challenging concept of stillness

Be still. I feel like I only hear moms tell that to their kid when they’re sitting in a doctor’s office or sitting in church. Our society is always pushing us to do more and never stop. 509 more words

Leave the office and explore today


That is all I want to do honestly. I’ve been writing essay after essay and preparing for exams and presentations. None of it is fun at all. 90 more words


Slow Down & Relax

Sometimes we become so busy

looking for something that we don’t realize

it is within us if we’d just slow down & relax


The Coffee Affair

Chapter 1

It’s safe to say I’ve never been so bored in my life.

There are only so many times in a day a person can be expected to smile at difficult customers; to be polite to people insulting you; to be graceful when placing food and drink in front of them instead of dumping it on their shoes. 483 more words


Deep Breaths

I had some sort of mini panic/stress attack last night as the realization of how much stuff I have to do came crashing down on me like a rockslide. 212 more words


Montecatini Terme – Spa Center

Montecatini Terme, centrally situated between Tuscany’s main historical cities, played until the XIV century the balance in the fight for dominium in the region. After Lucca and Pisa, even the distant Siena sought to conquer it in 1554 in an attempt to weaken Florentine power. 278 more words