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Breaking Free From Desire

You know there’s a problem. You know you need to cut back – on smoking, on drinking, on take-aways, on pointless hobbies that are starting to impinge on the more important things in life. 554 more words


Skip the shopping...the weekend

Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday!

Mallory – 

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Everyday there are so many options – so much information coming your way…

Sometimes it becomes confusion? Fear about making the right choice…doing the right thing? 83 more words


Episode 59: On The Home Straight....

The end is getting so near now

I’m starting to see through the fog

Only 3 more days of this pressure

In daily posting my blog! 113 more words


What a Thanksgiving Day. Thank God for my family!

I love Thanksgiving. It means time to laugh, joke, relax, and be with family. For me, that means playing ping pong, pool, Madden football, real football, sledding, cards, eating, sharing stories, and many other things for a whole day. 11 more words

Thanksgiving & Black Friday.

Hello Everyone!!

Today work was easy, instead of being on the register the whole time, standing for hours on my aching feet, I was stocking with my Co-workers and helping customers out on the floor! 140 more words

Happy Thanksgiving People!

Enjoy life and chill. Tomorrow will be a double post day!