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Post 47 - Improve A Post - Bubble Bath & Luxury

My process for these blog is to look for blog posts that are almost there or need a lot of improvement in my opinion. I stumbled upon this… 286 more words

Project #36/54: Need (Directive: Opposite of indulgence)

Indulgence has to do with desire and a person giving into that desire, despite another decision most likely being the better decision. When a person indulges, it is completely the person’s decision. 141 more words

Slow Down & Relax

Sometimes we become so busy

looking for something that we don’t realize

it is within us if we’d just slow down & relax


PAUSE IN YOUR GARDEN OF LIFE – a present moment present

Today a wise old soul shared a wonderful visual with me. Where she lives it is typical for the homes to have a small garden that you walk through that is between the road and the house and she uses this image as a way to take a small pause and remain in consciousness after finishing one activity and before starting the next. 419 more words


Review: Frank Coffee Scrub

Let’s be frank about Frank: it’s even better than you’d think.

If you are on Instagram, chances are you have heard about Frank Coffee Scrub – pretty much the hottest skin-care product out there right now. 278 more words


The Soul Catch-Up

Out of all the people that I have been blessed to encounter in my life over the last few years is my life coach and spiritual counselor, dava. 731 more words

Keep Calm & Grow a Business

How does one stay calm and engaging when in the midst of creating an empire or a masterpiece?  Our personal interactions carry enormous potential for growth, yet we may come across as manic or anxious when we are fired-up and excited by an idea or interrupted during a productive work session.   91 more words

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