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My Dreams Can Wait A Day

Nails painted neon red. Cozied up in Momma’s fleece sweater while I type away. All I need now is hot cocoa, and a movie. It’s that kind of day… 504 more words


Yes please - Lakeside Park Hotel & Spa - Ryde, Isle of Wight - United Kingdom

If I’ve got better sense of discipline, I should be writing my speech.
If I am not writing my speech – I am supposed to read my text book, progress: 0 out of 280 = not good. 215 more words

Bucket List

Friday Five Moments

The very best holiday of the year is upon us, Halloween! This week, I am featuring my new home. After the most insane week of my career thus far (and my first corporate event), I am ready to put my feet up and snuggle into a slow winding weekend. 182 more words


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Try and get on your mat this weekend. With daylight savings, the change in seasons, and a lot of candy, you’re gonna need it!



A Yogi's wisdom from Savasana & the Resting Poses

The lights start dimming slowly. The studio looks beautiful with string lights brightening the edges of the walls. I can sense that we are getting to the seating poses. 380 more words


10 Ways To Restore Energy When You're Exhausted Or Burned Out


You have the power to cultivate energy within your body in any moment. Even when you’re exhausted, burned out and feel like you’ve got nothing left to give, your body can guide you to a space of greater vitality, inner strength and wellbeing. 591 more words