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Small Update: ☆ASMR☆ Scratching & Tapping in darkness☆

I’ve uploaded a new ASMR video to YouTube. It is my fourth one.

☆ASMR☆ Scratching & Tapping in darkness☆: https://youtu.be/jQV5lz-KmyQ


Just another touch of paradise

Every weekend. It’s so predictably wonderful, but never in a boring way. The weekends in Cairns are like living in paradise – with good reason – it is. 166 more words


Try something new everyday - Day 1- Vichy Treatment

I have a quote from the famous depressive Charles Schultz on my wall. It’s not exactly inspirational but I look at it each morning as I wake in order to keep my expectations right sized. 681 more words


Sophie and Loose-Leash Walking, 4-19-14

Sophie is getting really good at this and I’m happy to report that we made it all the way to the neighbor’s driveway today.  That’s perhaps 100 feet from the end of my driveway.  333 more words

Clicker Training

After Work Ban

I just heard that the French government is looking into passing a law to ban after work emails.  In other words, once you leave work, you leave work.  356 more words

Day 51.

Over the last eight weeks I have been gaining insight into the art of meditation. You might think me a tad hippy, but I’ll be the one keeping their calm in the traffic jam while most exercise their tongues around the most foul mouthed words they are conversant with… which used to be me. 19 more words

100 Happy Days.


ceiling blades stirring
bursted fountain’s dripping lull
domino effect