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STUDENT SERIES: home from home

Moving out from home is hard, no matter what your situation. Throughout my school years, I was fairly independent and confident anyway. I helped around the house, enjoyed cooking and all the other household jobs, so for me, the fact I had to do my own washing, cook all my meals, keep my new place clean and tidy didn’t really phase me. 1,277 more words

Life In General

Help for your internal Pain right here!!!


There are many things in life that bring us pain. Some people even use there past pain as a way to define who they are. 427 more words

Shoe String Luxury

After living in Thailand, visiting Bali doesn’t have the same luring charm as it did on my first few trips. That being said this time I dove deeper into Kuta than I ever have before and found it to be much more than the typical Asian coastline that it appears to be on the surface. 795 more words


Weekly Practice: Body Awareness

Daily Practice: Body Awareness

We live in an electronically dominated world that is more high tech than high touch. Some of the side effects of this shift mean that we end up spending more time alone and a vast amount of our interaction take place from a distance. 624 more words



Happy Labor Day everyone!! I am having the day off as my boyfriend has to work. Gonna try and spend a little bit of time with my nephew today. 221 more words

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How to Relax After a Stressful Day at School/Work

Like many people, I suffer from anxiety and if something goes wrong at school I tend to overreact and get really scared when really nothing is going to happen. 230 more words