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American Dream Vacation

Emma from www.RelayRides.com asked me what my dream vacation would be, what I would see and what ride I would use. So, here is my entry. 636 more words

Silvercar raises $14M for its one-car-model-only airport car rental service

Renting a car at the airport the old-fashioned way is a pain, and Texas-based company Silvercar has been working to fix that.

The company, which announced today that it has raised $14 million in a second round of funding, is using technology to get folks from the baggage claim to the road in as little time as possible. 478 more words


Reducing Your Car's Footprint

In a perfect world we could teleport everywhere. No more buying gas and no more polluting the environment, but unfortunately this isn’t Star Trek and I’m not a mutant from X-men. 547 more words

How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other (Wired)

Jason Tanz from Wired write about how the sharing economy is making people trust each other. He describes how business like Airbnb, RelayRides and Ebay is dealing with safety and trust issues.  132 more words