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The "Other" Value Levers of Automation - Part 1 - Introduction

Much of the automation discussion in DevOps focuses on speed or, if a more enlightened conversation, throughput. That is unfortunate, because it values a narrow dimension of automation without considering what makes things actually faster. 456 more words


Continuous Integration #1

Continuous Integration is most commonly used to defend against failure. A build fails, that is a symptom of what? A test fails, that is a symptom of what? 144 more words


Product Backlog #1

When I am experimenting with presentation of data and workflows, I will try and remove constraints and blue sky an idea.

The Backlog diagram below is an example that presents data that is not typically possible. 403 more words


Taxonomy and Product Lifecycle Efficiency #1

I’m going to present some history on how I came about creating user interfaces for product lifecycle applications. Along the way, I will describe how I lost track of the importance of taxonomy and its  impact on product lifecycle (PLC) efficiency and how I got back on track. 598 more words


Gatekeeper 2002

In the late 1990s I started to work on turning many of the software lifecycle problems I had solved into products. This effort was referred to as — QBAL, Quantitative Business Asset Library. 547 more words


Reducing Continuous Delivery Impedance – Part 4: People

This is my fourth post in a series I’m writing about impedance to doing continuous delivery.  Click these links for earlier parts about the trials of  945 more words


Config: Configuration

This release cycle is in full tilt and I’m busy working on tightening up some of the superfluous aspects of our code promotion processes. We’ve settled in on building the configuration scheme around SSIS’ indirect XML configuration file, which we expose to SSIS via an environment variable. 353 more words