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We can automated scripts, code deploy, process… but you can’t automated “perfect synchronization” and humans decisions…

Release Management

Syncing Change & Release dates from Service Manager to Sharepoint 2013 Calendars

I’ve been bugged for quite some time to get our Change & Release work items from Service Manager into Sharepoint so the general community can see what we’re working on.   704 more words


Versioning your SQL Server Database using Team Build and Release Management

You’ve versioned your assemblies using Team Build before…

I’m sure you are all aware of the nice little PowerShell script “ApplyVersionToAssemblies.ps1″ that updates your C# AssemblyInfo.cs files, you can find it on codeplex… 489 more words

Release Management

Release management, part 3: Supporting and scaling idempotent, isolated, and parallel jobs in Jenkins build pipeline with Docker

This blog post aims to illustrate how Docker is introduced into an existing Jenkins build pipeline for the purpose of performing test automation in parallel whilst guaranteeing isolated and idempotent environments that are scalable. 855 more words


Release Management for Visual Studio 2013 and SQL Server 2014 Database Deployments

Visual Studio 2013 comes with built-in support to manage database projects, the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) were updated in March 2014 to include support for SQL Server 2014.  452 more words

Visual Studio 2013

The Road to Continuous Delivery–Part 1


Continuous Delivery. You hear and read a lot about it lately and it seems to be or become a trend. What I see in the field is that companies think about Continuous Delivery but are not completely sure what it actually means. 973 more words


Selenium & Vagrant: Headless Chrome in the same old 2 steps

This is the second instalment of the Selenium guide to end all Selenium guides.

Selenium has a bad rep for being difficult to setup. With a little Vagrant know-how, this guide will lower the bar for good. 70 more words