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The "Other" Value Levers of Automation - Part 3 - Everybody is Empowered

Implicit in DevOps automation is the idea that the decision to make technical changes should be delegated to non-experts in the first place. Sure, automation can make an expert more productive, but as I discussed in my last post, the more people who can leverage the automation, the more valuable the automation is. 571 more words


The "Other" Value Levers of Automation - Part 2 - Democratizing Expertise

The basic meaning of democratization (in a non-political sense) is to make something accessible to everyone. This is the core of so much software that is written today that it is highly ironic how it is rarely systematically applied to the process of actually producing software. 645 more words


Continuous Integration #2

I was just reading a post about github project owner’s challenges. How to scale the gatekeeper within a company is a classic problem.

Generally speaking, when people act as a gatekeeper in a commercial company, the process is often a bottleneck and burnout gig for the gatekeeper. 229 more words


Salesforce deployment best practice?

I am very new to Salesforce and as you can see from my blog, I am .Net developer and more specifically a SharePoint developer. In salesforce , there is no clear strategy for release management and I am asking the wider Salesforce community to help me to see if the proposed release plan is OK. 182 more words


The "Other" Value Levers of Automation - Part 1 - Introduction

Much of the automation discussion in DevOps focuses on speed or, if a more enlightened conversation, throughput. That is unfortunate, because it values a narrow dimension of automation without considering what makes things actually faster. 456 more words


Continuous Integration #1

Continuous Integration is most commonly used to defend against failure. A build fails, that is a symptom of what? A test fails, that is a symptom of what? 144 more words


Product Backlog #1

When I am experimenting with presentation of data and workflows, I will try and remove constraints and blue sky an idea.

The Backlog diagram below is an example that presents data that is not typically possible. 403 more words