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i think not, the wheel of karma

turns and turns and turns …..

Yoga And Addiction

MicroLite 5.0 - New Features

The last few posts have covered some of the changes coming in MicroLite 5.0, now that the major ones are covered let’s take a look at at some of the new features: 284 more words


Aria AA Ch11 release!

This one was translated and proofread for a while. Now we enter a little mini-arc before another short story before entering into the first major(?) one in the light novel.  98 more words



OK, your open for business, who knows your open? Get the word out with a Major News Press Release that is distributed all around the US. 37 more words

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...Well, Maybe 50

Good evening, blogosphere!!

I have developed a lot of followers, but am not sure how many are actually reading this blog – I guess we’ll find out eventually, won’t we? 372 more words

What is emotional pain?

“Pain stems from the gap between expectations and reality. When the expectations genuinely change, the opportunity for freedom from pain appears.”

Authenticity, intimacy and inspiring ‘real’ men - article from Psychotherapy in Australia, Feb 2014 edition - by DAVID B.
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Philosophia - For The Lovers Of Wisdom

Been Working / Project X

Hey guys!

You may or may not have noticed, that Technology Panda, has not released anything for a while. We would like to say why. Firstly, Winner at Life, is being cancelled. 207 more words