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Even Better

much to contemplate, dear one. even better: to release.

Right Brain



The Release of Pound (Book 2 of “The Lion & the Steed” series)

So, here we are… Another release day with Chloe Stowe! 386 more words



By: Felipe Mack

Tense up your legs.
Tense up your arms.
Tense up your hands into fists.
Tense up your jaw. 322 more words

Fill Up Before Empty

Stopped to get gas before heading to work, and though the gas was the same price and I put the exact same amount in, the needle didn’t move to the same spot. 98 more words

I must try harder...

As a teacher, I was obsessively dutiful – and very anxious about getting tasks done immediately. Marking, for example. If a class of kids gave me homework, I would stay up until late at night in order to get it graded and given back to them the next day. 344 more words


Spotlight on Grace Burrowes

I’m so happy Grace Burrowes is back with us again. She is not only a fabulous author, but a wonderful friend and mentor as well. She has graciously offered to give away a copy of her latest release to one of you who take the time to tell her you want it. 1,467 more words