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Women and Jewish Law: The Essential Texts, Their History, and Their Relevance for Today

Reviews Women and Jewish Law: The Essential Texts, Their History, and Their Relevance for Today for sale

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Clark Baker Is Misunderstood: Parts 3 & 4 of a Series

I am often amazed by the sheer audacity of Mr. Baker to completely change his statements to fit the situation or to shamelessly mislead. As parts 3 and 4 in a continuing series I will present two examples of such exaggerated behavior in his Federal lawsuit against me. 854 more words


The Back Door is Always Open

“The back door is always open, so just come on in…” Marge said.  And that’s what we did, and everyone else who knew her.  It was always a quick rap on the door, and a “Hellllooo!” or “Are you decent?” and in would come friends, neighbors, and even the mail man who was completely deaf.   992 more words

Learning How to Boast | Desiring God

An individual’s worth and consequently his respect in the community was dependent on the status he was able to project. . . . It was a time when everyone yearned for an admiring public.

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It’s late, and I don’t have time to write much,  but I do want to say this: I’ve finally figured out why people entertain themselves with something that is relevant to their times. 437 more words

It is all there

“London has the trick of making its past, its long indelible past, always a part of its present. And for that reason it will always have meaning for the future, because of all it can teach about disaster, survival, and redemption. 211 more words

Week 4 - Its all about relevance


The main issue with this article is the fact that the title of the article is very misleading. In the article there is no information on his new movie at all it just seems to be a biography of robert pattisons career. 64 more words

Week 4