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Being Lazy

One of the easiest things in the world is being lazy. It gets simpler with every day. The scary part is that at some point you fall so far that you become complacent and never go back. 29 more words


There Was No Horse

At this point one might ask, what relevance do St. Paul’s letters and these reflections have for us today?  For myself, I began reading his letters as a way to keep Christ in my sights for the forty days of Lent. 606 more words


Godless, Loveless, Hopeless....?

There have always been far too many questions and not nearly enough answers in life. It’s like having a recruitment drive these days; there’s only one job, but there’s a thousand applicants. 604 more words


Baron Coleman Affidavit: Erroneous Timeline & Facts Leads to Absurd Conclusion

In my previous post I wrote about the departure of Baron Coleman from the HIV Innocence Group and the possible correlation of its sudden demise. In that post I said I tried to contact Mr. 2,222 more words


Sudden Death of HIV Innocence Group: Baron Coleman Eulogy

It has now been nine months since Mr. Baker abruptly stopped posting cases at his website. I know the success of my website put a major dent in his case load. 1,146 more words


Video: "Mathematician" (student spoken word)

We shared this in our Culturally Responsive Teaching in secondary math sessions.  I’ve watched this 3 minute video several times and am left speechless each time.   9 more words