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The Dispute Between Relevance And Storytelling

In my time studying at RMIT I wrote an assignment on the notion of creating relevance in your marketing approach. This assignment came to life, because I wanted to compare and disseminate the value of the vastly opposing views: Personalisation and storytelling. 916 more words


The Essence of The Gift


Every man was given at least a gift by God when He created us. However, not everyone who eventually discovers that gift will use it to glorify the Giver of the gift. 298 more words

Relevant Again: Cruel Winter Ends

On the first day of the fourth week he finally awoke, a son riddled with grief. The air was cold, the promise was kept, mornings more valuable than gold. 69 more words


My Education Wasn't Wasted (Or, Life Lessons From Classes I May Never Use Again)

At this point in my life I’ve been in college five years. I’m still 2-3 years from getting my bachelors, but that really doesn’t matter. 435 more words


Total Recall? Maybe not, but good enough?

OK, maybe I’ve got summer movies on the brain this month… but Total Recall was one year before I graduated college (yes, that means 1990 — I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Colin Farrell remake). 1,038 more words

Faculty Focus

Clark Baker Loses Domain Arbitration – 2 Mirror Sites Appear UPDATE: Email from David Pardo

UPDATE: Soon after this post appeared I received an email from David Pardo. He is mentioned as the owner of one of the mirrored sites. Mr. 3,325 more words


Re-Thinking AIDS Denialists Celebrate Deaths of AIDS Researchers on Downed Malaysian Flight

This post is way off topic for this site. However, I am so disgusted by this that I had to show just what these people are really like. 667 more words