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Something That Irks Me

Instead of homework I will sit at my computer until the late hours of the night typing about the endless oblivion before me. I have no desire to work anymore. 1,260 more words


Spectacular Failure

I just heard these words used to describe the rocket launch that ended in a fiery explosion and crash. As I thought about those two words – ‘spectacular failure’ – I thought how sad it would be to use those two words to describe a person’s life. 162 more words


On Relevance and Rain

It’s been raining a cold rain in Gengga for two days straight. Rain that pours, rain that slightly abates, rain that sinks into your jeans above the knees and dries slowly. 1,081 more words

Teach For China

Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor: The Keys to Classroom Effectiveness

I agree with Willard Dagget, founder and President of the International Center for Leadership in Education, that the keys to classroom effectiveness are the three R’s…Relationship, Relevance, and Rigor. 356 more words


Did Shia LaBeouf convert?

“I became a Christian man, and not in a fucking bullshit way – in a very real way.” Not exactly how you would expect most testimonies to begin from within the warm baptismal waters of First Baptist Church. 868 more words

Brad Pitt

We ask if the ancients are still relevant.

Ask instead if we are worthy of learning from them.