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'MediaBuzz' Logs Largest Audience Since Launch

This past Sunday, Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz with Howie Kurtz delivered its biggest audience since its launch — 1.3 million viewers –  and was the No. 160 more words


Live-streamers vs. reporters in Ferguson

What is it like to cover the protests in Ferguson? Brian Stelter speaks with CNN correspondent Sara Sidner and an activist “live-streamer,” Bassem Masri.

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#Pointergate: a case of shoddy journalism

Video contradicts a TV station’s claim that Minneapolis’ mayor flashed a gang sign. What caused this shoddy journalism? Marc Lamont Hill and Errol Louis join Brian Stelter to discuss.

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Three to See: O'Reilly, Huckabee, Roker

Bill O’Reilly helps save his college paper; Fox News and Mike Huckabee might have to split up; and Al Roker sets a record.

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How comedians like John Oliver helped teach the public about 'net neutrality'

President Obama wants action on Internet regulation. Why now? Hear from Tim Wu, the Columbia law professor who coined the term “net neutrality” 11 years ago. 55 more words

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Red News/Blue News: debating immigration

Brian Stelter shows how Fox News and MSNBC are having two different conversations about Obama’s immigration plan.

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