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Alternative Back Pain Relief: Chiropractors and the Echo Massager

Thankfully, there are alternatives like chiropractors and the affordable Echo Massager from Massagepulse.com for those with smaller budgets. First, chiropractors use spinal manipulation to help relieve the pain. 114 more words

Ancient Times speak loudly to us today

I recently went for a visit to the Pueblo Grande near Downtown Phoenix.  It is an archaeological site where the ancient Hohokam’s lived for thousands of years.   301 more words


A Series of Relieving Events


            As a worried student awaits the results of a test she didn’t study for at the back of the room. Another chases the earliest train possible as her alarm clock didn’t go off. 347 more words


Music is ANYTHING but Background Noise

So, I love love love music. It’s an escape. For two years it has been a habit or routine of mine to listen to music for hours on end after a long day of school or work. 558 more words

The benefits of Massage Therapy

It is known that massage can be used as a means of forgetting about life and focusing on you, even if only for an hour, but can it affect your physical and mental health? 209 more words


Inspiration for a barn.

We came across this photo and are thoroughly inspired to make a Container Barn in the spirit of this home.  We started looking into obtaining containers and found that they are very affordable. 190 more words


As many of you may have picked up from my many post about it, I am currently studying Japanese as a second language.

I recently posted on facebook information about a drama I just finished. 166 more words