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I Confess Thee On This Dreamer's Bed

Who I am-

fervent worrier letting mistakes

stamp out my heart

with hate of who I’ve been.

If You believe me, baby,

we know I’m taking vessel dictations… 192 more words

My day and some Relient K

6:00 am: get up to feed and take the pups out.

6:45 am: return home, make bed, get dressed for work, fix hair and make up, take dogs out, eat breakfast. 123 more words


25 Songs That Have Changed My Life (Pt.2)

I’m looking at 25 songs that have changed my life to celebrate the week of my 25th birthday. I hope you enjoy a few of these personal tales. 652 more words

Relient K

PRCB: 4 Punk Songs That Reference Cereal

Because my website is called Punk Rock Cereal Bowl and I’m not afraid of being gimmicky, I thought I’d find a few songs by punk/pop-punk bands that reference cereal. 286 more words


Sunny with a High of LXXV

I hope you don’t mind a little optimism in your day; a little dose of positivity; a little glass-three-quarters-full vs. glass-partially-empty conversation, but the Seahawks are going to win the Super Bowl again.   343 more words


It was cowardice that made me push you away. I was so afraid ’cause you were so much better than me.


I guess it’s safe to say you’re never coming back, and I understand why you wouldn’t want to.