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Cristianismo Plástico

Con la brecha entre Católicos y sectas Protestantes cerrándose cada vez en Guatemala, decidí escribir este artículo, ya que estoy cansado de ver postes de anuncios con las caras de “profetas”, pastores y ministros Evangélicos/Pentecostales/Pseudo-Cristianos cuando salgo de mi casa o de ver que en cada esquina hay una nueva iglesia con el mismo diseño feo y falto de imaginación. 866 more words



This is sort of like a sequel to my other post, “Being a Good Brother.” The reason for it is I believe that being a good brother is being a good friend. 275 more words


Hayes to explore ‘enchanted world’ of Brazil’s Valley of the Dawn

While others are often quick to dismiss New Age religions, Kelly E. Hayes is happy to step in and explore the stigmatized and marginalized.

Hayes, associate professor of religious studies at Indiana University-Indianapolis, researched and wrote a book about a complex set of religious beliefs that most Brazilians label “macumba,” or voodoo, and now she has directed her research to a religious movement called Valley of the Dawn. 575 more words

Chautauqua Institution

A Truly Beautiful Woman...

 Reading this woman’s experience (article link below) made me cry…

…cry because even though I have never been what most women would call overweight, I have obsessively struggled to remain “thin” my entire life. 343 more words

Fatah: "We will turn Tel Aviv into a ball of fire"


Published on 28 Jul 2014

Text: “The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades Palestine”
Speaker: “The enemy (i.e., Israel) must understand that the Martyr Commander Nidal Al-Amoudi left behind an army of well-trained fighters. 70 more words

Civil Liberty And Freedom

"When We Americans Have a Problem, We Kill Somebody"

Michael Gallagher.  Introduction by William Astore.

The Contrary Perspective is pleased to offer an early look at the first chapter of Mike Gallagher’s new book, provisionally titled… 6,856 more words


Swastikas Painted On Cars In Pearl River, NY


Published on 28 Jul 2014

PEARL RIVER – Swastikas and messages of hate were painted on cars in Pearl River over the weekend.

Orangetown police say three vehicles parked on N. 99 more words