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Why is Lakshmi restless?

Let’s decipher one very interesting “personality puzzle” in Hindu Mythology – Why is Lakshmi ‘Chanchala’ – The Restless One..?

Having understood the nature of wealth, Ancient Gurus in the Hindu Mythology prescribed the following route to richness: Do not obstruct the flow of wealth, do not hoard, do not plunder, simply ensure wealth flows continuously in the desired direction. 899 more words


Church ,Politics and Contemporary Issues

The topic politics in church has been controversial forever ! Some say that you are supposed to preach about the word if God in church not politics . 1,012 more words

God's Special Prayer Revised

Why do most of our prayers fail? We hear of people who pray and they are given miraculous healings; but this is only a small minority. 250 more words


Israel and the Palestinians: Disputed Land "Belongs" to Whichever Government is Better at Protecting Individual Rights

In the wake of each flare-up in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, people inevitably argue over the same question: “Who owns the territory that currently comprises Israel: the Arab Palestinians, or the Jews?” Then long debates ensue about the history of the two different groups in the region, who was there first, which group was the aggressor, which group has rightful title, etc. 2,443 more words

Ayn Rand

Church Signs That Make Me Scratch My Head

Something a little different today…

Here are some of my favorite church signs. Yes, it’s very possible that some of you might be insulted (especially if you recognize your church amongst the list) but like the Bible says, “A cheerful heart does good like medicine…” So, sit back, laugh a little, and enjoy the day. 124 more words

The Big Bang and Other Little Pops

The Big Bang and Other Little Pops
Man is a religious creature. It doesn’t matter if you believe in creation, big bang, little bang or Walmart, man has always looked for answers. 1,108 more words


Four Eyes are Better than Two

Since it’s been six weeks since I last posted a blog, this confession might come as no surprise to you.

Sometimes, I forget I’m a writer. 1,240 more words