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Atheist Ten Commandments? Yes they exist...kinda.

According to an article in CNN Lex Bayer, an executive at AirBnB, and John Figdor, a humanist chaplain at Stanford University, delivered their own 10 “non-commandments” in a book they co-wrote: “Atheist Heart, Humanist Mind.” 205 more words


Trust, but Verify

This was on a friend’s facebook today. I thought that this kind of thinking must be nice- total acceptance that some higher power is running your life and it’s all meant to happen for your own good. 13 more words


OY VEY!.....Palestinian worshippers stage anti-Zionist protests

The Palestinian worshippers have staged anti-Zionist demonstrations.

According to IRIB World Service, the Palestinian worshippers, after observation of Friday Prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque, held anti-Zionist demonstrations, announcing their unwavering support for the Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas. 110 more words

Politics And Political Corruption

Merry Christmas, Mary

I LOVE how the old, old story never gets old.

How every time I look at it, my perception changes.

It changes how I see God and how I see myself. 513 more words


War on Christmas -- Redux

This is a rerun of the post from that was Freshly Pressed about this time last year under the title “Happy Holidays and other Blasphemies.” Since Christmas is but one week away, I thought I’d recycle this for those of you who might have missed it. 933 more words


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OK, this may seem like a strange post for a staunch conservative to post, but I actually find myself in total agreement with this blogger. As a "Christian", stop whining about Christmas being commercialized and go visit a church. I'll go one step further-- if you REALLY believe Christmas has been too commercialized, you're contributing to that mentality when you only attend church on Christmas, and sometimes Easter. Yes, Christmas is largely about the birth of Christ, but it's not the ONLY time of the year we should be thinking about the birth of Christ. Just sayin'...


This weekend we celebrate the 4th Sunday of Advent and we hear the story of the Angel Gabriel coming to tell Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus. 382 more words