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Does Australia have any ethical banks?

 Market Forces, an Australian ethical banking advocacy group, says the company  has invested in fossil fuels. Market Forces reckons between them, the big four, “ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac have loaned almost $20 billion to fossil fuel projects in Australia.”…….The advocacy group, Market Forces, is suggesting that Australians concerned the ethics of their current bank, particularly those funding the fossil fuel industry, should consider moving their hard earned dollars to a institution more in line with their personal values. 470 more words


The immorality of Australia sending uranium to India

After Fukushima, is it moral for Australia to sell uranium to India?  by Alexander White Monday 29 September 2014 theguardian.com

With Australian uranium in the reactors at Fukushima during the meltdown, is it moral to sell the asbestos of the 21st Century to India? 654 more words