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Isaiah 25:8 akj

Death is a part of life, this life we are living now.
Someday death will not be a part of life.
The tears we shed in grief will be no more. 49 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Unanswered Questions

I’ve got questions.

Some questions are less serious in nature like:

“Why do I love beards so much?”

“Do you think Starbucks will ever deliver?” 735 more words

Where can we find true love?

Where can we find true love? This world, without true love, is running into immorality. Corrupted mortality is the sign of ruin. This is God’s headache. 50 more words


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The D-Deficit (Segment 3): Transparency

Transparency is mandatory in personal development. This has been a part of my own personal process; as well, I have observed the evolution of truth in the lives of others. 232 more words



“There is nothing that exists outside of matter”. ” The Darwinian model is absolute”. ” The natural world is all there is, and determinism rules all aspects of existence”. 516 more words



In an upside down world it can be difficult to navigate life’s seasons. We can try our best to get by but then we face obstacles and challenges that can set us back. 378 more words

Christian Devotional

One Solitary Thought

My night and day have become one,
One solitary thought emblazoned on my heart.
You dance before me in myriad faces.
All are of Your becoming all. 106 more words