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Easter Hangover?

Depending on your amount of church over the weekend, you might feel a little “churched” out.  I spoke to some recently who were in church for services Thursday through Sunday, sometimes at multiple services per day.   116 more words


Easter Messages

I want us to look on this Easter night at the first of those readings that we heard in the semi-darkness of the Vigil. In it we heard how Abraham almost killed his only son Isaac (Genesis: 22:1-18) We see the story vividly displayed on the Church’s best Chasuble that I am wearing tonight, where Abraham is depicted raising his knife about to slay his son. 1,936 more words


Paradidomi : The Passion of Christ

Holy Thursday

Over the next three days, I want us to meditate on an important word. In Greek, paradidomi, the original language of the New Testament. 1,872 more words


Frustrated With the Unholy?

In the wake of all that is holy, I have grown impatient with the holiness’s obstacles.  Sure, you can find God in any thing…any situation.  But there are also things that distract us from God and they need to be removed.   77 more words


A Muslim's view of us Christians

I heard a story the other day of a Christian who had a friend who was a good devout Muslim. The Muslim asked his friend if he could go to Church with him so that he could see understand better what Christians do when they pray. 508 more words


Thoughts for the Easter Triduum

Frances’ thoughts for Holy Week and Easter :-

Easter Triduum 2014

The theme of the 3 days is Paradidomi – the handing over of Jesus. 2,619 more words

Texts From Frances

Do We Lose Our Identity When We Follow Jesus?

I.Love.Ice Cream.

(side note: check out Michelle‘s toasted pistachio ice cream…it’s like a drug.)

The cool thing about ice cream is that it has all kinds of varieties of flavors that you can try, while still having the same basic qualities that make it ice cream.   97 more words