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The kingdom of God is a mixed lot

My taxi driver the other day happened to be a young British Pakistani man that I knew in East Oxford when he was a little boy. 656 more words


What Does Pro Life Really Mean?

When my wife worked for a Christian-based pregnancy center, which helped pregnant women with various needs during pregnancy in hopes to sway them away from choosing abortion, she grew frustrated at the rhetoric of donors.   249 more words


God's wisdom before ours

Frances writes on this weekends readings :- On our return from holiday last week we weary travellers took a taxi from Oxford to Eynsham. Our driver turned out to be a young Muslim man full of passionate convictions. 898 more words

Texts From Frances

Fear of Failure...Will It Really Be That Bad?

Below is a Facebook post from my friend and colleague Chip Freed.  I appreciated it because I struggle a lot with the fear of failure.  The question rolling in my heart is “So what if I fail?”  It strikes me, then, that in nearly every case my fear is bigger than reality.   190 more words


Look at the good not just the evil

I had time to think about the natural world during my holiday for the last two weeks deep amongst the woods and trees of a National Park in Central France. 905 more words


On Life and Death

Strange how cruel the natural world is. Or is it us who think it cruel by imposing our sentimentality on to it?  I have been watching a pair of Black Redstarts dashing back and forth feeding their young on the nest, and reminded myself that all this effort may be wasted as a Sparrowhawk or a Cat may eat the baby birds once they fly. 788 more words


Asking idiot questions - the way to God

I was at a Mass at Chalus in France today and from what I could understand with my limited French, the priest was saying that being a Christian is all about love, not about being intellectual. 764 more words