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Even key-holders are fallible

Frances writes on this Sunday’s Readings :- Sometimes one wonders at the selection made by the compilers of our lectionary. Are they in fact a deeply loyal lot, or rather remarkably subversive – or both? 887 more words

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Can We Really Do 'Diversity'?

Diversity is quickly becoming a primary value for our worshiping community called Catalyst.  “When was it not?!” someone might say.  Yeah…most people say they’re all about diversity.   111 more words


Understanding the Book of the Apocalypse

After the Mass for the Feast of the Assumption this year I had a request to explain the 1st Reading from the Book of the Apocalypse (The Book of Revelation) so I have written a brief explanation as follows:- 384 more words


Learning from foreigners

Frances writes on next Sunday’s Readings :- Foreigners keep insistently popping up in all three of our readings today, and we would do well to listen to the message that they teach us. 1,022 more words

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Christians and Jews

It’s amazing to me that the persecution of Jews by Christians has such a long history. Amazing, because you only have to read 3 Chapters in St Paul’s Letter to the Romans (It begins with our 2nd Reading today : Romans 9:1-5) to see that such prejudice is absolutely not the Christian way. 972 more words


"The still point of the turning world"

Frances wries on this weekend Readings :- I want to focus on why St Paul is so distressed, (Romans 9:1-5) over the loss of the Jews to belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, or as he has just put it in Romans 8, the one, sole being who can unite us indelibly to the love of God. 1,021 more words

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Homily on Christianity and War

It is fine to say, as I am sure we all do, that war is wrong. Yes, we can say this when we are speaking about war a long way off, as in the Middle East or Ukraine. 836 more words