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War lords or god-kings: Our only choice? How our worldview shapes our politics

Mustela nivalis

In my first instalment of my series on Gary North’s body of ideas I talked about “the beginning”, the origin of the universe, and how our perception of whether this happened by chance or by conscious creation is fundamental to our worldview and how we act in the world. 1,890 more words


The three basic religions: Key to understanding and defeating tyranny? Some thoughts on Gary North

Mustela nivalis

When I first stumbled upon libertarian thought and digested the essentials, I had two initial reactions: 1. Why had I not heard of this philosophy before and 2. 1,943 more words

Culture War

Time to say "Je ne suis pas Charlie"

Sean Gabb

As ever, for the avoidance of doubt, I will say that I believe in freedom of speech, regardless of what offence may be given. 226 more words


In America as in Scandinavia

Long story short, when the Europeans navigated along and settled in the African continent, they came across native religions, which were then taken to America via the slave trade. 1,099 more words

Polytheism (general)