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Religion, Science, life, death...

Religion 1, Science 0. Yesterday the US Supreme Court ruled that forcing small companies to provide women with free contraception was a violation of their religious freedom. 267 more words



Imagine a world where Catholicism was suppressed and vanished in c. 1000. And now imagine that a group of people decide to revive it in c. 965 more words

Religio Romana

Solar flares. Catastrophology. Science as a Religion.

Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation generated on the sun’s surface, each one many times wider than our planet. They can cause disturbances in Earth’s atmosphere, disrupting GPS and radio signals. 261 more words


Don't You Love Traffic Jams?

On the highway you’ve set your ‘coast’ function and you’re riding smoothly.  To your great delight (sarcasm if you don’t know me yet) you come upon a traffic jam, one of life’s great annoyances.   103 more words


Spiritual Vs. Religious...What Is It Really About?

So a little debate came up on Facebook (which never happens).  It was about the somewhat recent rhetoric around peoples’ faith or relationship with God.  The debate is “spiritual vs. 188 more words