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Don't You Love Traffic Jams?

On the highway you’ve set your ‘coast’ function and you’re riding smoothly.  To your great delight (sarcasm if you don’t know me yet) you come upon a traffic jam, one of life’s great annoyances.   103 more words


Spiritual Vs. Religious...What Is It Really About?

So a little debate came up on Facebook (which never happens).  It was about the somewhat recent rhetoric around peoples’ faith or relationship with God.  The debate is “spiritual vs. 188 more words


Meditation. Compassion. Ancient knowledge, long gone...

Mounting evidence of the impact of contemplative practices like meditation (which we now know can, quite literally, rewire the brain) are finally bringing modern science up to speed with ancient wisdom. 110 more words


ΙΧΘΥΣ. Fish extinction. Science as a Religion. Christianism as a... well, NOT a religion.

Scientists predict the extinction of salty water fish by 2048. (1)

Like every new religion, science needs its doom prophecies.
But Christianism did not predict doom. 78 more words

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