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The Cult of ISIS

By Adrian Salbuchi

No, we’re not talking about any ancient Egyptian religious lore, even though geographically, we’re in the same general area.

We’re talking about the latest boogeyman trump card drawn by the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” – US / UK / EU / Israel – bent on instilling fear, terror and panic amongst Western nations. 801 more words

War & Terror

My Audacious Mom

Q: What’s your dream job?

A: To be President of the Philippines.


I feel better with the audacious answer. I now know that my effort to remind them of a prophecy is not putted in vain. 113 more words


Although the Disbelievers Dislike It

On November 16, 2014 the Islamic State released a 16-minute video that displayed the severed head of 26-year-old former U.S. Army Ranger Peter Kassig. The video was characteristically different than the four previous Islamic State beheading videos of American and British hostages by the man known as Jihadi John. 643 more words

War & Terror

The Upside of Getting Divorced

Yes! There is an upside, at least in my circumstance!

Just a little over a week ago, I caught my wife seeing another man, and over the last week, she’s gone to see him two more times. 881 more words

Life In General




A highly contagious hypnotic state caused by the rotation of Thermomix blades which create an unnatural and unwarranted desire for expensive blenders. Initial exposure to the blades typically follows contact with an enthusiastic member of the Church of Thermomix who issues an invitation to a small gathering where the unit is demonstrated. 9 more words

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Divorce, and Blind Faith in Something I cannot see

This weekend was one of the worse in my entire life.

Last Thursday, I caught my wife lying to me, out with another man.  She came home that night at 1am, drunk, angry and telling me she hated me. 715 more words

Life In General

Bayesian statistics and the role of God in Science.

Statistics may not sound like the most heroic of pursuits. But if not for statisticians, a Long Island fisherman might have died in the Atlantic Ocean after falling off his boat early one morning last summer. 368 more words