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Solar flares. Catastrophology. Science as a Religion.

Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation generated on the sun’s surface, each one many times wider than our planet. They can cause disturbances in Earth’s atmosphere, disrupting GPS and radio signals. 261 more words


Pop Quiz -- a short story

Pop Quiz — a short story

She sat down next to me at the bar. “Buy me a drink?”

Tall, raven hair, dark brows, natural blush, little or no makeup.  721 more words


ISIS to Iraqi Christians in Mosul: Convert, Pay or Die

The Islamic State has issued an ultimatum to the Christians in the town of Mosul in northern Iraq, urging them to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or face death. 327 more words

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The Universal Tongue

This is an essay I wrote for an English class in college (around 2001).  It pertains to the book, “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down,” which is a gripping true story about an American Hmong family and their epileptic daughter, Lia, and their struggles to define what “good care” is, and the cultural clash that ensued with non-Hmong Americans who wanted to help.  2,156 more words


Moral Crusade

In conversation, an acquaintance asserted flat out that Islam is a bad thing. The former soldier contended that Muslims yearn to conquer the world. “What they’re doing is evil. 1,401 more words


Hobby Lobby

Well, well, well. Here we are again. Three posts in a row about SCOTUS, and I still think the acronym SCOTUS sounds and looks weird. C’est la vie. 2,015 more words

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Exposing Washington's Support of al-Qaeda and ISIS

A stunning interview conducted by pan Arab al-Maydeen TV with Sheikh Nabeel Naiem, the former founder of the Jihad Organization and an expert in Islamist groups.

Full transcript at Syria News

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