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The Parable of the Circular Track

Imagine that life is lived upon a circular track.  It’s not a race, of course, but rather, an event wherein every participant uses this opportunity to better themselves.  747 more words


Atheism+ and the schism of the godless web

One of the nice things about running a relatively low-traffic blog is that I have a pretty decent idea of who my readership is. Most of my readers fall into three categories: Catholic friends I had growing up or in college, other friends of varying faiths that I know from all over the place, and random readers who stumble in for a post or two before departing. 1,963 more words


Science, Philosophy, and Woo-Woo — Part 2

There’s no theology in science! There can’t be. Science is about finding the truth as it is, not as we wish it to be. Science is not about faith; it’s about facts. 1,771 more words


The Self

One of my favorite videos in TED. I left Facebook and Twitter because I am having issues with the Self, and social media is no help at all. 87 more words

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The practice of abstaining from certain, definite or clear thoughts and statements

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Religion & Philosophy

Christ, Lao, Socrates, quantum mechanics…

The great sages agreed on how we should live.

Christ spoke about living with love. He spoke about how we can feel God if we live properly. 550 more words

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