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The Fourth Branch and the Bible: An Odd Couple Part Two: Is Bureaucracy Evil?

A few days ago I wrote a blog on bureaucracy and promised to follow it up by addressing the question of the compatibility of this form of organization with Scripture. 1,458 more words


Quote for the Day--Hayek on Socialism, and how it applies to Hobby Lobby

In light of all the recent hoopla of Executive overreach, its important to know the broader agenda of the socialist mindset–it is much more than simply “economics.”  As Hayek says in… 251 more words

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Christian Heritage and Legislative Authority

Despite all of the memes on Facebook about how your boss’s religion trumps your personal rights, the Hobby Lobby ruling isn’t so much about bosses, employees, or even religion as it is about the legislative authority of Christians and those of Christian heritage pretending to be Christian. 316 more words


Curious Minds Really Want to Know

My Berean colleague Mark Smith wrote a very nice blog on the two cases decided by the United States Supreme Court yesterday.  I commend it to you. 243 more words

Religion & Politics

In recent times, the Muslim world although fighting to remain unified under a single theocratic banner, has not been able to sustain homogeneity within themselves. This is due to the fact that the Shia-Sunni conflict remains at the heart of Islam.

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Why I Left Pastoral Ministry 3

There was something else going on in my heart for a long time while I was in the pastorate. A want, a need, a desire, (a calling) to be more proactive in the culture war than I could be behind the pulpit. 911 more words


Why I Left Pastoral Ministry 2

In the previous essay I wrote of the sickness of narcissism that has crept into much of the Church today which helped propel me out of pastoral ministry. 528 more words