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Torture and U.S. Christians

White Christian Evangelicals and white Catholics are among the Americans most likely (68%) to say that torture is “often justified” or “sometimes justified” in the… 254 more words


When Islam Breaks Down

This is a remarkably insightful article from City Post by Theodore Dalrymple. I have to share it here – I have not read such a comprehensive piece on Islam before. 317 more words


Ferguson and the Two Realities

I don’t have the knowledge of the evidence or the legal background to know whether the decision not to indict the officer who shot Michael Brown represents justice.  440 more words


The R-Word

At least once a week I’ll hear my wife groan as she’s scrolling through her Facebook feed, and I’ll know she’s stumbled across the latest link about race in America that’s been shared by one of our more conservative relatives or so-called “friends.” Sure enough, within seconds I’m learning, for the umpteenth time, that racism is over–or at least it would be if Blacks and their liberal White accomplices didn’t keep stoking the fires. 2,242 more words


Awe and Obligation

In my view, religion is constituted by two distinct but related impulses: a sense of awe and a sense of obligation. The feeling of awe emerges from our experience of the grandeur of life and the mystery of the divine.

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What If I'm Wrong?

If I believe that my particular perspective or solution for any given political, religious or social issue is the only right view, it creates a problem.   145 more words


The great divergence: America’s continuing political polarization

Originally published in Aspenia Online of the Aspen Institute Italia

With the House of Representatives certain to remain in Republicans’ hands for at least another two years, all eyes in these 2014 midterm elections are on the race for the Senate, now controlled by the Democrats but up for grabs on November 4th. 1,166 more words

Global Financial Crisis