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PK to a Babaji in the film -“Yeh jo aap sabahu ka religionva hai na-ee bilkul lull hai.Bhagwan aeka hi hai aur oo ham sab ma basta hai…..or words to that effect”… 441 more words

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Another Chance to Love

Each day that opens give us another opportunity to love. Each moment we see provides us once again another chance to care.
Just as the good father(God) never stop his care and love on us the unlovable, let your today show love unmeasurable to them that needs love and also to them that don’t worth it. 21 more words


Các kết hợp xấu âm sắc hai nhạc cụ

Các nhạc cụ cùng một họ (chẳng hạn họ oboe, họ fagotte) thì cấu tạo giống nhau nhưng tông khác nhau thì âm sắc khác nhau. 819 more words


Tên tiếng Việt chuẩn của các nhạc cụ giao hưởng

  • Bộ kèn gỗ:

    • Flûte traversière (tiếng Pháp), Transverse flute (tiếng Anh), Flauto traverso (tiếng Ý), Querflöte (tiếng Đức): Sáo ngang (tiếng Việt). Riêng piccolo được gọi là sáo nhỏ.
  • 827 more words

Finding God in the Hyperreal through the Simulacra of Imaginative Prayer

As the Fall semester concludes for me, and the year is quickly coming to an end, I thought it would be interesting to share a book review I wrote on Tanya Luhrmann’s… 1,327 more words

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Modern Yoga's Religious Bedrock

The way Modern Yoga has been practiced throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is worlds apart from all the forms of classical Yoga.

How Modern Yoga developed was summarized by David Gordon White in his Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: A Biography (2014): 719 more words