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Lalitha Devi's Abode Chinatmani Gruham Details

Devi Lalita resides in Her Abode Chinatmani,

‘“Smaram yonim Lakshmeem thrithayamidamaadau thava manoh
Nidhaayaike nithye niravadhimahaabhogarasikah
Bhajanthi thvaam Chintamani gunanibaddhaakshavalayah
Shivaagnau juhvanthah surabhighruthadhaaraahuthi shathaih.”

Literal meaning:-Some connoiseurs of the highest enjoyment,adding before the beginning of… 652 more words


Cross-Cultural Exchange: The Crux of Orientalism

In reading the class blog posts from the beginning of the semester, I am taken by a striking shift in our class focus.  Initially, we seemed to be caught up in the idea of defining Orientalism and applying the term to various texts, making sure to draw attention to Western domination over and control of the East.  307 more words



Well done video to summarize the meaning of EASTER!


Holy Thursday

Today is Holy Thursday and the major event today is the Last Supper and all of the Gethsemane events as well, the prayers,  the betrayal and the fight the ensued. 383 more words


When reality is not quite what you thought it was

In the United States, one estimate pegs the number of animals killed for food production at about 10 billion annually (most being chickens). The methods are hidden from view, seldom filmed, and far from humane. 207 more words


On Faith...Sort Of

I have written on the topics of religion and faith to some extent in the past, or more accurately I have written about my own personal experience concerning religion and faith which I still struggle with. 633 more words


Songkran Festival 2014 at Wat Greensboro

We celebrated a Southeast Asian New Year at our local temple Wat Greensboro on Sunday April 13, 2014. We had a good turnout and the weather was exceptionally nice, it was in the 80s. 314 more words