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Spiritually Anaesthetized

The religious leaders and even the preacher didn’t apologize,
They are anaesthetized,
Not conscience of the world around them,
But they want to talk about “him” 361 more words

A long time between drinks!

Well, the epiphany continues. I have decided now that I really need to be honest with myself and the people around me. I don’t even pretend to understand how hard it must be for members of the LGBT community to ‘come out’ to fundamentalist friends and family, I just know how hard it has been for me to ‘come out’ with regards to my spiritual beliefs…or lack thereof (more to the point!) 535 more words


The explosion

Backwoods mothe F***ers you all can go to hell,
Ignorant hicks that have nothing better to do but to carry tales,
Dog haters be damned forever and a day, 925 more words

Maturity in the church

Over the years, I became weary of spats and arguments. No church is exempt from them, and no single person within those spats is perfect. However, I have… 719 more words


Of the psychological impact of humiliation

While a vast majority of religions profess peace and harmony among people, so often the violence and destruction we see in the world is caused in the name of religion. 261 more words


Blue skies might turn to rain
Lightning, Thunder and Winds
know Jesus is here
Givin Angels their
charge over me,
over me.

“My miracle, Jesus has given me… 77 more words