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Put on your Easter Bonnet with all the frills upon it?

Music aficionados will recall an Irving Berlin sonnet “Easter Parade” from the 1940s which proclaims to “put on an Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it” to celebrate the Easter Parade.[1]   Celebrations and religious events often involve hats and head garb.   826 more words

EEOC Compliance

EEOC Publishes New Guidance on Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace

By Leigh C. Tinmouth

The EEOC recently published a question-and-answer guidance (“Guidance”) regarding religious garb and grooming in the workplace. The EEOC, through the Guidance, states that, in most instances, employers covered by Title VII must make exceptions to their usual rules or preferences to permit applicants and employees to follow their religious dress and grooming practices. 300 more words


An Empire State Building lawsuit

Amina and Fahad Tirmizi, a Muslim couple from Long Island, are suing the Empire State Building for $5 million over what appears to be a case of religious discrimination. 424 more words

Ryan Hite

The case of the wedding photographers

When Vanessa Willock wanted an Albuquerque photographer to shoot her same-sex commitment ceremony in 2006, she contacted Elane Photography. The response came as a shock: Co-owner Elaine Huguenin said she only worked on “traditional weddings.” 667 more words

Ryan Hite

Salvation Army of New York Settles Lawsuit, Agrees Not to Ask Employees About Religious Beliefs

The Salvation Army has settled a lawsuit brought a decade ago by now-former employees who accused the U.S. charity of pressuring them to follow its religious mission while they worked on government-funded social service projects.


6 Tips for Employers When Faced with Religious Exemption Requests

In recent years, the number of complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) regarding religious discrimination has dramatically increased.  According to the EEOC, there were 1,709 complaints of religious discrimination in 1997 and 3,721 complaints in 2013. 517 more words