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The Lone R.E teacher rides again...

I have decided that I’m going to use this blog, more formally. So, I’ll spend this time providing you with some information about me, as a means of procrastination. 693 more words


Sister finally allowed to donate her kidney

Initially the Home Office refused to allow entry into the UK of a Jamaican woman who wanted to donate her kidney to her brother, who is a British resident. 95 more words

Religious Education

Father: "My son died in Syria for a just cause"

The story of an 18 year old British man dying in Syria hit the news a few days ago. It is an interesting story encompassing feelings about a just cause, the Muslim idea of jihad and the feeling of Ummah across the globe. 34 more words

Religious Education

Should David Cameron have said Britain is 'a Christian country?'

The Prime Minister’s comments that Britain isĀ “a Christian country” have been met with mixed responses – positive and negative. How do you feel about? Is he stating the truth so it was fine to say it, or stating something that though true shouldn’t be banded around as it will offend non-Christian Britons? 67 more words

Religious Education

Then, my prayers were answered.

I run across the street back home. Time had gotten away from me. Alyssia and I were choreographing dances in her bedroom. I hadn’t realized it was almost time for ballet. 661 more words


Easter Holidays

Miss Azzopardi and Mrs Elchaar hope Year Five are having a lovely Easter holiday. Easter is a time to grow and be more like Jesus… 192 more words


Flowers in Bloom

This past Sunday, as part of our multigenerational service, Rev. Jeanne Pupke shared her hand-made quilt with the children of the congregation. When she did, she discussed that each square of the quilt had to be hand-sewn, and how each square of the quilt was special because it was part of a larger whole. 275 more words