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St. Frances of Rome families prepare for Christmas

Children enrolled in the St. Frances of Rome Church religious education program, above, began preparing for Christmas at a family Advent workshop late last month. The children and their parents visited stations set up in the Clifton Center (the parish’s former school building) to learn about this holy season. 110 more words

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Considering the planet in this time of mass consumption

At Christmas time when everybody seems to eat more, drink more, buy more, throw away more rubbish, consume, consume, consume… why not spare a thought for our planet? 38 more words

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How did Britain's public services do in 2014?

The key to understanding this question is knowing what public services are! By reading this article in the Guardian you’ll get an idea of what public services are and how the journalist thinks they’ve done this year. 55 more words

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The Digital Nativity - Christmas 2.0

I was shown this YouTube video by a colleague last Christmas and it went down a storm with the students. Highly recommend it in the last few classes in the run up to Christmas!


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Class #10 December 10, 2014

We had a really good practice session for the Christmas pageant last night. I am very impressed at how seriously the students are taking their roles. 441 more words

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How to explain the Sabbath

For a project, we were given an idea and asked that if we were to try and explain the meaning of it to a class, how would we go about it? 93 more words


Class #9 December 3, 2014

Our class last night was devoted to getting organized and practicing for the Christmas Pageant. I think I have everyone properly assigned to the role they want. 170 more words

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