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In our increasingly eclectic, “many options,” postmodern world, religion is being reduced to a cafeteria-style approach. Just as one can go through a cafeteria line picking the food items he or she wants to eat and rejecting the rest, so many people approach religion in the same fashion: they pick from the Bible (and even from various World Religions) those ideas, notions, commands, and practices they personally like and agree with and reject the rest. 717 more words


Book Plunge: The Trace of God

What do I think of Joseph Hinman’s book “The Trace of God?” Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

When I write a review, I make it a goal to tell you what I think about a book, but in the case of Hinman’s, I’m not really sure. 552 more words

Book Plunge

The Theory-Ladenness Objection to Religious Experience

In a discussion about religious experience a couple of weeks ago somebody raised what you might call the theory-ladenness or interpretation objection. Since I didn’t have the chance to respond then, I am posting an answer here. 187 more words

Philosophy Of Religion

Lawn gnomes and the meaning of life?

There I am. Floating in space. Mars is to my left and Venus to my right. Stars are all around. I drift along observing my surroundings, and then I hear a voice telling me to look as far as I can see.   543 more words

Religious Experience essay by a student (Number Two)

Here is the second of two essays on religious experience by students that were on the A/B borderline. Again in this essay my annotation in italics helps explain my allocation of marks, which I have put at the end. 1,354 more words

A2 Level

Religious Experience essay by a student

This is an A/B borderline essay recently done by a student. I have annotated it with my comments in italics.

Discuss the view that religious experiences must be true because there is a common core to all of them. 1,359 more words

A2 Level

Religious Experience Definitions

So I did a thing… it’s for my philosophy class, but I thought I would share with any whom are interested! (I really despise my voice, so I apologise, but it had to be done) Hope you find it interesting…

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