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Small Things: Ben Howard. Madness and Plain Sight

Sometimes we can’t see what is in plain sight. The small concerns of life, the little worries; the daily round of cares: all can gather round us claiming attention. 701 more words

Christian Spirituality

Review! The Corps, The Cross & The Mirror: Reflections of Faith by Sheila Perdue Guion



When Staff Sergeant Sheila Perdue went to Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) Parris Island, SC she thought she was God’s gift to the Marine Corps. 207 more words


Religion and the burden of proof

The late Carl Sagan used to say that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.

What makes something an “extraordinary claim”?  For Sagan, a humanist and freethinker, the reality of the supernatural, of supernatural religion or of anything outside the scientific consensus was an extraordinary claim. 524 more words


William James on Religious Genius and Spiritual Experience

William James Wrote:

There can be no doubt that as a matter of fact a religious life, exclusively pursued, does tend to make the person exceptional and eccentric. 1,096 more words

What is Church? Why Church? Part 8

What is Church? Why Church? Part 8

Today I have included a fairly wide variety of responses to the questions What is Church? And Why Church? 1,196 more words


Scientism (Part 3)

I’d like to conclude (for now) the discussion on scientism.  (If you wish, you may read Part 1 or Part 2.)  Pending any objections, I think a solid case has been made that, for those who wish to take seriously the debate about God’s existence, relying  1,051 more words


Looking For Love (in all the wrong places)

One of the surest ways to wreck a relationship is to look at your feelings instead of the actual person. When I was younger I used to be bothered that so many people seemed to be experiencing joy and power in their faith lives while I wasn’t. 175 more words