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Thing of Beauty: Hothouse Flowers. Seeing With the Eyes of God

Seeing life as beautiful, the ordinary of things as things of beauty, is a wonderful fruit of the spiritual life. To live a human life something like this is to be living from the spiritual core of a human life. 634 more words

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Sketch of an argument against non-propositional conceptions of ultimate reality

I recently had a discussion with mostly theologians who defended a non-propositional view of ultimate reality. Although I still don’t see any good reason for thinking that ultimate reality should be non-propositional in nature as far as I can understand the statement, the discussion gave me a better grasp of the position. 676 more words

Philosophy Of Religion

Conclusion of "Surprised by the Voice of God

This post wraps up the discussion on Jack Deere’s “Surprised by the Voice of God.” To look at what is true, normal and real, this post summarizes what has been discussed and asks, “how can we know we are listening to the Holy Spirit?” 696 more words

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Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Our reality is subjective in nature because what you experience in your life can only be experienced by you. That being said, you should realize that your life is lived by how your subconscious brain manages how you experience your five senses. 1,307 more words

Life Expierience

This is an essay I've written to comply with some academic (unending indeed, *sighs*) stuffs regarding with individual's religious experience.

I was writing this shit in half-dream half-wake state of poverty inside a dried-air and stinky internet cafeteria. Poverty precedes every philosophy. I was so economically poor that I had to finish the mud’fuck for just one hour–equivalent to 10 pesos. 771 more words


On Gods: Part I

Fanatics have their dreams, wherewith they weave
A paradise for a sect; the savage too
From forth the loftiest fashion of his sleep
Guesses at Heaven; pity these have not… 1,191 more words


Walking the God Line: Finding a Balance between Theology and Experience

Religious experience needs good theology the way a traveler needs a reliable map.  A traveler with lots of enthusiasm but no map for the journey is a dangerous person to travel with. 

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