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"Wake Up…"

Our reading today comes from Matthew, chapters 20-22


Wow.  Here we are half way through Holy Week.  The pace of the scriptures in these three chapters picks up dramatically as we witness the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry.   308 more words

Members of 37 Congregations Meet in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) - Members of three religious denominations say they are setting aside their differences to work together in Springfield and across the state. 478 more words


Religious Leaders In the Central African Republic Call for Reinforcements

Religious leaders, playing an ever expanding role in the troubled Central African Republic, are urging reinforcements for an existing peace mission, even as the United Nations prepares to roll out a bigger one in September.


AM Meets with Abergavenny Religious Community

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay was pleased to attend a meeting of Abergavenny’s religious leaders on Friday 4th April.

The meeting at the Tithe Barn was organised by Father Mark Soady as an opportunity for civic and political representatives to engage with the town’s various Christian denominations. 136 more words

Nick Ramsay AM

Why Gandhi is overrated

Those who have read my blog probably know me for rejecting and criticising the figures that everyone else takes up as their saints or social gods. 360 more words


Us Vs. Them: An Op-Ed on the Gay Rights Drama

From Canada’s Montreal Gazette comes an op-ed by a Jillian on the drama of gay rights and equality. Jillian frames the commentary in a protagonist vs. 483 more words



In chapter 1 of Mark’s Gospel Jesus arrived as the long awaited Deliverer of Israel. He was announced  by John the Baptist, tempted by the Devil, followed by Simon, Andrew, James, and John, and sought out by the sick and demon possessed.  The chapter concludes with the healing of a  leper, who gives every indication to be just another person who is willing to believe in Jesus for physical healing without any concern for his eternal soul. 241 more words