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HE IS RISEN!! A Reason For Our Hope: Easter Sunday And The Case For Christ

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: The Lord Has Risen! He has died on the cross for our sins: “And He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed,” (1 PETER 2:24). 951 more words

EBOLA VIRUS OUTBREAK UPDATES 4-18-2014 : 42 New Ebola Cases Reported In West Africa, A Dangerous New Strain, And Re-emergence of Ebola Calls For Global Surveillance Strategies

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: The Outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is a dangerous New Strain claimed a virologists. 42 new cases of the disease have been confirmed as the virus keeps spreading in that part of the world. 575 more words

Border Control and the Bilderbergs

We hear sporadically these days about immigration reform and border control. It seems that it is only talked about now when it’s politically expedient for one potential candidate or another to talk about it. 295 more words

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Border Control and the Bilderbergs. A MUST READ AND PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEOS

Wichita’s Mystery In The Sky: A B-2 Bomber Or An Alien Craft And Marilyn Monroe Planned To Reveal JFK Saw Crashed UFO

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: An unidentified craft was captured by an amateur photographer who was snapping pictures of wildlife. The object that was spotted in Wichita Kansas resembles a B-2 bomber. 474 more words

AMERICAN ECONOMIC DOOM: We Are In Great Danger, The Retail Apocalypse, U.S. Close To Total Collapse, And 16 Signs Americans Are Not Prepared For A Coming Economic Collapse

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEO: All is not well in the American Economic sectors. The illusion that an Economic recovery is happening is the only tip of the iceberg in a sea of false hope. 769 more words

10 Discoveries Unexplained By Science

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: Watch the video to see 10 discoveries Unexplained by science. Number 1 is definetly my favorite unexplained discovery. Discover these 10 unexplained discovery that has the scientific world and  scientist baffled! 468 more words

Jesuit Vatican Astronomer Guy Consolmagno Ask, “Would You Baptize An Alien” And What Does the Bible Say About UFOs?

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS:Are we on the verge of disclosure? Why is a Jesuit Astronomer claiming he would baptize Aliens? What does the Bible say about UFO’s? 541 more words