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Parable of the Fountain

God’s Peace to you all!  This week, we offer the Parable of the Fountain.  In this lesson we explore how to be in community with others who have different practices from our own.   75 more words

Spiritual Practice

The Little Drop - Is humanity worth saving?

أول الغيث The little drop

The art of webisodes and online video content is one that is gaining undeniable traction in the region due to its grasp on youth’s online attention span. 596 more words


Liking violence: A study of hate speech on Facebook in Sri Lanka

“The growth of online hate speech in Sri Lanka does not guarantee another pogrom. It does however pose a range of other challenges to government and governance around social, ethnic, cultural and religious co-existence, diversity and, ultimately, to the very core of debates around how we see and organise ourselves post-war.” 170 more words

Religious Tolerance

Empathy paradise: Students at a Jewish Day School reflect on Zak Ebrahim’s experience growing up with an extremist Muslim father

With Rosh Hashanah fast approaching, Sara Beth Berman of the Davis Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, wanted to create a lesson for the school’s middle school students around the ideas of empathy and forgiveness. 1,017 more words

TED Talks

Om Shemhamforash

One thing that I’m pretty big on is separation of church and state. I was raised with Eastern religions in my environment thanks to my hippie parents, but I grew up in Mid-western suburbia where science and history class teachers felt fairly comfortable saying that they really supported New Earth or Creationist viewpoints; where the gym teacher felt comfortable disseminating anti-abortion propaganda; and where “non-denominational” prayers before games and at assemblies were not uncommon. 327 more words



A popular belief among Christians is that moral guilt is responsible for the resentment towards them. For some, this very well may be true. Having dedicated a lot of thought and research lately to the topic of hate, where it comes from and what causes it; I would say there very well may be other reasons too. 322 more words

Religious Tolerance

The Facebook Effect

You may have seen the video linked to the image in this post on Facebook. Some of you will “like” the video and yet continue to post on your own timelines about how the social safety nets in this country are stealing the food out of your own mouths. 706 more words