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[Guest Post] We can make a change by the human right.

By Georgette Souaid

My article today, won’t be about economics, but it will reflect the hundred of questions in my mind regarding my point of view on the controversies of society in my country and around the world. 1,116 more words

Human Rights

Open Letter to #Indiegogo

Dear #Indiegogo community team.

This campaign may not be directly against your regulations, it’s a sugar coated version of the continuous aggression against the people of Palestine and the death of it’s civilians. 104 more words


The danger of a religion whose god speaks to people

The Boko Horam leader in Nigeria gave a chilling video monologue about his reason for stealing more than 200 young girls from a school. Allah told him to take the girls. 185 more words

Religious Tolerance

Thanking god for sparing you: So your neighbor's a dick?

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook by someone that read: “We were spared from tornado damage again. Thank you God. , let me know if you need anything.” I can only assume this person was being sincere and believed that god had actually had a role in the path that the tornado had taken and caused it to avert his home. 142 more words

Religious Tolerance

Monochrome Monday: Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque, or Independence Mosque, in Jakarta (Indonesia) is the largest mosque in South East Asia. Across to the mosque there is the Catholic Jakarta Cathedral Church, built in year 1901 with its original Dutch name… 90 more words


Pillars of Steel: The 7 July Memorial

There is perhaps no other post-911 terroristic event that better exemplifies the dangers of homegrown radical violence than the events of 7/7 – the cold-heartedly planned series of explosions that claimed 52 lives in London, UK on July 7, 2005. 1,021 more words

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