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The myth of polytheistic tolerance

Michael Grant, in The Fall of the Roman Empire (1990), writes:

Until the early fourth century AD, the official religion of the Roman world had been pagan.

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Religious Tolerance in the Constitution

Conservatives who want to make hay about the religion (or lack thereof) of the President or members of Congress should re-read the Constitution. Toleration of other religions was so important the Founders included it in the original text. 134 more words


Kerala in South India: A Separate, Gentle Place

Because I know North India so well, South India stunned me. All the usual images of India – camels, turbans, the Taj Mahal, tattered beggars on crowded streets, women pulling sheer scarves across their faces – these are all northern. 1,236 more words


E Pluribus, Pluribus

Another nail in our Republic’s coffin?

Germany: Holy War Erupts in Hamburg

The unrest began on the evening of October 7, when around 400 Kurds gathered outside the Al-Nour mosque near the central train station in Hamburg’s St. 512 more words


The Dead Arabic Dream

The regional situation is so sad, that singing about it has become our only remaining past time. (even ISIS’s troops are imported!

This beautiful video (and vocals) has been circulating for a few days… 120 more words


Spiritual Sundays: Religious Tolerance

Wishing everyone on the “Blogosphere” a very Happy Sunday! I will be doing a “Spiritual Sunday” post every sunday dedicated to religion since it does play an important part of happiness in our daily lives. 622 more words


Distinctively Open

Visiting my daughter in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, gave me a chance to learn more about the Moravians, who founded Bethlehem in 1741 as their American headquarters. They made me think: there is more than one way of being a sect. 410 more words

Global Christianity