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Just say it!

Communication is key in any type relationship, so why should it differ with your relationship with God? If there’s something I’m learning by the day as a tradcat (traditional catholic) it is that I should not hold back on whatever it is that I need to tell God.  278 more words

Never Stop Learning. #BarkadeSallah and #HappyEidelFitri to my #Muslim Brothers & Sisters

‘…You need someone to teach you…’ HEBREWS 5:12

Marlene LeFever quipped, ‘Becoming an effective teacher is simple. You just prepare and prepare until drops of blood appear on your forehead.’ … 284 more words


the burning bush 2 (series)

This weekend is the bestest and longest I’ve had in a long time… possibly in all my life till now. You might be wondering why but the fact is I began to do my Industrial Training (IT) if I’m allowed to call it that tho. 1,070 more words


Happy Eid-ul Fitr

May there be peace and may love reign in the world despite our different religious, cultural, political……

#bringbackourgirls #PrayforNigeria #Prayfortheworld


The Church is Thriving: Kingdom Values

Well it depends on who you ask. Do you think the church is Alive? Do you think the church is Thriving?

The bible student already knows Jesus has said the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. 335 more words


Raksha Bandhan is a well known celebration celebrated the nation over. Regardless of standing and ideology individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds partake in this celebration. 769 more words