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The First Cranberries of the Season

At the beginning of the month we were in Provincetown out at the end of Cape Cod.  The stay is our most favorite fall get-away which we have been doing annually for over 10 years.  243 more words


Wild idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week - Cilantro Skirt Steaks with Roasted Corn Relish

This week’s Wild idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week is Cilantro Skirt Steaks with Roasted Corn Relish. If you’ve never tried the Wild Idea Buffalo Cilantro Skirt Steaks you are in for a treat, the most delicious Skirt Steak I’ve ever had! 509 more words


Caramelized Red Onion Relish (it’s every bit as good as it sounds)

I was still on my stay-cation when I made the tomatillo salsa. Since I had all of this free time I decided to make the most of it and cook a second recipe. 302 more words


Corn fritters

It is my weekly weigh-in. 112.2 is frustratingly close to my previous low. It is also pretty boring if that is the only thing I blog about so here is a recipe for Thai corn fritters. 162 more words


Chilli and tomato relish with goji berries

When you’re of the foraging persuasion, you find yourself constantly on the lookout for new produce to plunder. It’s surprising what you see growing right under your nose if you keep your eyes peeled. 397 more words


Hot Dog

Did you know that at one time the name “Hot Dog” was banned?

According to a clipping in one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks, the name was banned in 1913. 197 more words


La Vache! 中環法式 Steakhouse

法國小餐館主題的扒房,還有令我一啖傾心 Profiteroles

有什麼比外酥肉嫩,肉汁滿溢的牛排更能滿足你的味蕾?配以濃郁,豐富的紅酒… 是永不過時的經典!

話雖如此,我們又何曾未失望過呢!只因要煮出完美的牛排,火候和時間控制要相當精妙!過火會變硬韌,under 更不用說了。

中環卑利街的 La Vache 就沒有讓我失望了! 躲藏在地庫的這間法式扒房,無論那紅格子的餐桌擺設還是皮革長沙發,都呈現巴黎 bistro 的風格,我特別喜歡牆壁和餐墊的上的作畫,是一幅幅的法國風情 sketches。

這間餐廳開業一直叫好叫座,所以我們特別早到,坐下一會兒頭盤沙律就端上,主菜緊隨!La Vache 選擇以鐵盤端上牛排,客人先用一半,其餘一半用盤子下的蠟燭以微溫哄住。牛排燒得外酥肉嫩,美味多汁(文字看起來很 cliche ?其實是最準確的形容!),不過我個人就略嫌牛排太肥,個人喜好是比較少油脂一點的,大概是心裏覺得好一點吧。不過崇尚健康少油的你,都不能錯過她們的 frites,香脆的 skinny frites 加 Bearnaise sauce 特別香,真的很難抗拒,而且是可以添的! 33 more words