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Silent anger

I would,
I really would,
But not now,
Now i will hold
Myself,be calm,
But keep pushing me,
Because someday i will,
And i know i will relish,
The moment.


Homemade Ratatouille

This was one of my favourite recipes growing up. We called it ‘ajvar’ which is a Serbian/ Macedonian recipe traditionally. My mother and grandmother made it a particular way which is also the way I always made it, however, in keeping up with the times I slowly updated the recipe so it become what is more widely known today as ‘ratatouille’. 250 more words

Clean Eating

sweet relish & smoked oysters

Even when we do our best, some times we don’t feel that the outcome was what we wanted or expected. On reflection, when reviewed, often we are left wondering.. 287 more words

Relish : My Life in the Kitchen - Lucy Knisley

Well well well look who’s here, another graphic novel memoir!

As the daughter of a chef and a gourmet, Lucy Knisley loves food. She also happens to love art and to be a talented cartoonist, Relish is the perfect mix between these two passions. 211 more words


Lime/Lemon Pickle

In the first edition of Indian Home Cooking Week I promised a post on chapatis, parathas and pickles and only provided chapatis and parathas. For… 1,369 more words


Beef Rissole with Homemade Relish

During my trip to Bangkok last year, I visited a cafe a friend of mine owns and the burger there was super fantastico. So I asked him for the recipe and I’ve paleo-rised it for my everyday needs. 515 more words

Primal Lifestyle

Outback Mac Attack (a Chef ScottyB recipe)

As the maiden voyage for this vessel of culinary exploration, we had to think of just the right recipe to draw in wary cyber travellers, inundated with over fluffed, under written, and often unpracticed recipes that frankly will never turn out the way they looked in the pictures. 615 more words