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Grilled Rump Steak with Traditional Vegetable Relish, Chestnut-Onion Farofa and Grilled Banana

A taste of Brazil! Last week I took a business trip down to São Paulo for the annual Latin American Business Aviation Conference. You would think that I would have countless posts of the delicious food that I enjoyed while there but unfortunately this will be the only one (aside from the previous posts regarding in-flight dining). 283 more words


Best meal of the day - brunch

Nothing prepares me better for the weekend than a great brunch. My love for brunch started when I lived in Manhattan years ago. Mimosa and great plate of hearty breakfast food over fun conversations were what I looked forward to every weekend. 97 more words


The Great Cucumber Massacre

A week ago I went to Coombs, BC and picked up an insane amount of local pickling cucumbers from the market. A few days later Leanna and I transformed those cukes into glorious pickles during an 8 hour pickling marathon. 248 more words


A Post-And-Dash today!

Nothing from me, but here’s a great link.

Who knew you could make your own Paleo Worcestershire sauce? Not me!

I’m going to try the lacto-fermented relish and the ketchup recipes :)


Food And Ramblings

Corn Relish

Hi Claire,

Your dad’s mum had a preservation schedule she followed at this time of year, beginning with strawberry jam (she always went to a pick-your-own place), followed by beet pickles, corn relish and I’m sure there were other things I am forgetting. 201 more words